5 Things You Don’t Know About “One Step Hair Dryer and Styler”

After shampooing, ladies need to dry their hair or they will face hair fall problem if they keep their hair wet. Keeping wet hair will likely get bad smell and uneasy for head-skin. Thus, they ought to dry their hair after shampooing by using hair dryer. Since hair dryer is really essential in daily life, I will introduce a brand new product from Revlon. “Hair dryer and styler” is one of the latest products from Revlon which was designed in a new outlook with dual functions. Check out the 5 secret points you may not know about this “Hair dryer and styler”.



1. Dual Functions


Basically this product is a hair dryer and it is also a normal comb for users to use in their daily life. There are 2 heat volume. Once you turn in one, the heat will dry your wet hair. Also, you can straighten or style your hair as it is really easy to use. You can use this product as like you comb your hair yet at the same time, you will get a new outlook because style your hair in many different ways. If you prefer wavy hair, just comb your hair wavily.dual-functions

2. Flexible Tangle With Free Bristles With Massaging Ball Tips

Make your hair dry and smooth in just one flexible step. The cushion is so comfortable as it was made from flexible tangle which is good for combing hair. It will also reduce hair fall and make your hair smooth and soft. It can be used with various types of hair and it is durable. You will love this product since the first used.


3. Save Your Time

You don’t have to go to salon yet you will get the same result by doing it at home. Just spend around 15 minutes, you can straighten or style whatever you want to do. It is a good choice to have this hair dryer and styler at home because it will help you a lot once you want to go out or after shampooing. You will look fabulous with this genius product.


4. It’s Cheap

Within brush and dryer combined in one tool, I would say it is really affordable. No matter how long thick wavy your hair is, this product could deal it all. Moreover, it is easy to control the heat setting at the bottom part of the hair dryer. The tangle cord is really flexible and doesn’t cause any problem to users.


5. A Great Gift

This would be a great gift for your daughter as it is safe to use. You daughter will love it as it will help her a lot in styling hair. Moreover, it doesn’t effect hair quality or make the hair died. It is pretty easy to use and fast. This is a great gift for the upcoming Christmas ever.


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