Best Budget Action Camera Akaso EK7000

I’m so much in love with a camera since I love photography. Yet it is hard to find a camera with acceptable price and good in quality. It’s really hard for a limited-budget amateur photographer like me. I always wish to own one small camera so I can capture every moment during my trip and share on my blog. I always see my friends posting my amazing pictures on their Instagram by using their camera. And that makes me thrilling to have one soon. I then browse on some famous online websites and find one GoPro-like camera known as Akaso EK7000. Its quality could compare with GoPro while the price is way cheaper. It could capture 4K video resolution and high frame rate with smooth video. With this Akaso camera, you can view your footages and pictures easily and the built-in WIFI allows you to share the videos and photos with your friends and social in just a minute. What I love about this camera is the ability to make pictures look smooth and sharp; I really appreciate the wide angle lens which makes my photos even stunning. With the original remote control, I can now record my video or capture photo by pressing the button.

And it is good for animal shooting while I still can control the camera even I’m 15 meters away. I also can choose any mode by controlling this camera from my smartphone such as time-lapse, slow motion, day/night mode and it is really convenience. Another special ability is to be able to shoot 170 degrees photos or videos; this is what I give my thumb up.

1. Action Camera Akaso EK7000

This Akaso camera is a fast and powerful camera I ever used. I can attach it to the waterproof case so that I can go snorkeling or diving with the camera on my head.

I will get awesome footage from underwater and it will be the most beautiful evident of my life. This camera support up to 64GB micro SD card which is really supportive. And yes! This camera saves me a lot of money since the box will include 1 Akaso camera, remote control, 2 batteries, waterproof case, bicycle stand, mount, 2 clips, helmet mount, bandages, tether, protective backdoor, USB cable, AC charger, lens clothes and manual. I highly recommended this camera for all photographers or beginners and you will experience the most helpful camera on earth. Plus, there are 3 colors to choose. Make sure you choose the camera wisely.

2. VVHOOY Rechargeable Action Camera Battery with USB Dual Charger

When you use action camera for too long or connect with your smartphone too much, you will suffer from low battery. But don't worry, you can buy extra batteries and dual charger for additional usage. This package comes with 3 batteries (1050mah), one charger and one USB cable in which you can connect with your PC or AC power. Moreover, it is easy to notice whether the batteries are empty or not. RED light shows that the battery is charging while green light shows that the battery is full charged. Enjoy shooting footages and photos without worrying about running out of batteries.

3. Luxebell Accessories Kit for AKASO

There are many additional accessories in the kit such as chest strap, floating mount, head strap mount, selfie stick and wrist strap. Those straps are really helpful whenever you are on the adventure trip and need to use action camera to capture all the moment. If you want a high angle view (point of view), you should use head strap attached to your head. In contrast, if you are doing fast motion such as riding moto, skiing or canoeing; you should use chest strap or wrist strap which will capture amazing footages with different angles. Those straps are lightweight, portable and easy to keep. Floating mount is good to keep the action camera floating once you go to the sea and plan to shoot underwater pictures. There is even a selfie stick mount, and you can use it for shooting timelapse. You will absolutely love this kit because there are many useful materials. 

4. AKASO K88 Quadcopter Drone HD Camera Bundle with Battery and Charger

AKASO action camera can also attach with drone quadcopter which allows you to have another angle in the sky. It was built with 6 Axis Gyro that is easy to control and adjust. It is the best choice for a beginner or those who have a limited budget yet want to experience with the new toy. This drone is really stable, easy to install and strong. You can even have 360-degree flip and rolls by pushing a button since it is capable of flight movements and wind resistance.

The LED lights are so great to enable good flight experience at night. Why not try? It is worth to do.

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