Top 7 Best Electric Knives Reviews

For those who love cooking cannot stand to see their knives which are not sharp anymore. It is hurt when they cannot do anything as fast as they want. For example, they want to slide bacon for their BBQ dinner yet the knife is not sharp and they cannot do it perfectly. It would take times to have the food done or somehow demotivated them. Also, most of the knives are made for right handed people; it would be hard to left-handed people to give a hand. Therefore, finding the right and modern knives for the kitchen is a MUST as they will help a lot. Check out the top 7 best electric knives below as they will play the important role in the kitchen.

1. Cuisinart CEK Electric Knives

This is 2-in-1 electric knives which you can adjust the 2 stainless-steel blades according to the type of meat or food you want to cut or slice. There is powerful motor or little electricity which works best when it comes to carving or slicing task. No matter, you want to slice bread for your breakfast or fish for your dinner; it takes less time to make it done. For those who are left-handed can use these knives without any trouble because they were built for both right and left-handed people. There is a safety lock system so you don't have to worry about the blades which might cut your hand.  This is highly recommended electric knives as it is easy to use and control.

2. Hamilton Beach Electric Carving Knife with case

Have you ever thought of cooking in style? People always want themselves to look cool even when cooking; especially, men who want to impress his girlfriend. Now, it is possible when you have electric carving knife in hand because it allows you to slice bread, meat or cheese faster than you ever thought. The bread or meat will be perfectly sliced like the high-class main course. This knife has a comfortable handle which won't make your hand hurt while cutting or chopping food. For this knife, it comes with a case that is perfect for storing. You will love how quick cleaning it is and it will never need sharpening. Also, it is really affordable.

3. Oster Electric Knife with Carving Fork and storage case

I still remembered how hard to slice the turkey on Thanksgiving day. It is embarrassing to scream when I hurt my hand and could not slice it perfectly. After having this electric knife, I feel more confident in cooking because of the knife and carving fork help me a lot with slicing even bread, bacon or chicken. No matter how hot the meat or turkey is, I will just use the carving fork to help me while slicing. It is fast to do so as the stainless steel blades are really sharp to cut meat into pieces. The stainless steel blades are removable and comfortable to use and there is a storage case either. Now, it is the right time to have art in cooking.

4. Elite Cuisine Maxi-Matic Electric Knife

Are you tired of using a knife with dull blades? If yes, why don't you consider Maxi-Matic Electric knife which allows you to slice many types of items?  There are two serrated blades which are quick to install and eject and it is easy to clean. Since it is an electric knife, there is one touch pressure which you can turn off/on easily. No matter how strong the meat is (sometimes, it freezes before cooking), it is just a piece of cake with this electric knife.  This knife is so durable and there are safety grips; thus, you don’t worry about the blade which may cut your finger.

5. Cuisinart Cordless Electric Knife

Here is a cordless electric knife which was made from heavy duty material in black color. Producing a quick and easy cut of meat, bread, and turkey, having this stainless steel electric knife at home is compulsory. It is so powerful to use even for a large amount of meat; it plays its role perfectly and conveniently. Not to mention about interchangeable blades which are so durable and easy to adjust.  It has a critical size which is easy to store in the kitchen. The knife is simple and comfortable. Therefore, you should consider buying this type of knife for your wife as it will help her a lot.

6. Proctor Silex Stainless Steel Electric Knife

Do you want to impress the guests who come to your house next Thanksgiving Day, Christmas day or New Year’s Eve? Thinking of making high-class food, you must need a right tool by your side. For example, having turkey on Thanksgiving Day is a must. Therefore, your turkey must be perfect. You must need an electric knife to slice the turkey into the piece with an attractive shape.  Your guests will be like "Wow". And you will have a wonderful dinner with your family and friends.  An electric knife will help you a lot of slicing or cutting meat, bread or even hard fruit like pineapple. Moreover, there is a secure grip at the handles for you to hold while slicing. It is a reliable and lightweight electric knife with one touch button control you'd ever used.

7. American Angler PRO Professional Grade Electric Fillet KnifeĀ 

In the grocery store, fillet meat or fish costs higher than normal meat or fish and way delicious. Normally, one cannot make fillet meat at home unless they have a good fillet knife because bones removal is so tough. After finding this set of a fillet knife, it is a relief for fillet lover since they can removal bones by themselves at home. The fillet knife is so comfortable to use even there are big bones. Also, there are many types of blades so that you can slice the meat or fish in the shapes you would love to have. This set is more than just knives. Highly recommended with 2 years warranty.

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