Top 7 Best Paring Knifes Reviews

There are many types of must-have knives in the kitchen such as slicing knife, big knife, electric knife or paring knife. Today, we will review the paring knife which usually uses to peel fruits and vegetables. Having the right paring knife in the kitchen makes your cooking experience different. Having paring knife has a lot of benefits when you want to peel potatoes for your dinner or apple for your snack. It is quick and easy to peel fruit and vegetable without causing troubles. Therefore, check out the top 7 best paring knives below to see how they are different from your current kitchen knives.

1. GOUGIRI Paring Knife, a product from Japan

Made in Japan, this paring knife has a 3-inch stainless steel blade and it is perfect for peeling fruit and vegetable and slicing other stuff such as sushi, fish and so on. Anyone who loves cooking will enjoy using this knife as it is quick and easy to use, which is very different from other kitchen knives. This paring knife can carve food, fruit, and vegetable perfectly with a nice pattern. The stainless steel blade from Japan is very durable and users won't find it bulk. The handle is in D shaped which is easy to hold and control unlike other current knives in the kitchen. This is highly recommended by the professional chief because it is durable, rust resistant and light weighting.    

2. Mercer Culinary Forged Paring Knife

You really can't hold a knife if your hand is wet because it will be slippery as the handle made from steel. Yet, you will be impressed after using this knife because there is nonslip grip handle. You still can peel, chop or cut food smoothly with worry-free. The stainless steel blade is the product from German which has a strong performance, durable and even long lasting. You will find the blade sharp after using a few months. This paring knife is easy to clean; putting in the dishwasher would help a lot. This paring knife is affordable and convenient.

3. Damascus Paring Knife

This paring knife comes with a case which is so easy for storing and keeps in the cabinet. Place the paring knife in the box is really safe when you have kids at home. Since the blade of the paring knife is so sharp, you ought to be careful and keep it safe and sound; otherwise, it will hurt you back. By the way, this paring knife will help you a lot when you need to peel or slice fruit or vegetable to eat because the blade is sharp and strong. Its performance is something you can't imagine until you use it by your own. The paring knife was made in Japan which utility and originality guaranteed. This knife is long-life warranty which is flexible to heat, cold and moisture.

4. Paring knife German Steel with case

Are you finding a risk-free knife for your wife? You don't want your wife hurt her finger while cooking meal. Yet you haven't seen one in supermarkets. Don't worry. We will introduce you a risk-free paring knife which is the best kitchen knife in the world. The blade was designed in Germany which is comfort, durability and it is a razor sharp. The blade is perfectly curved so users can use it to peel fruit easily with risk-free. Moreover, the handle was made from Pakkawood handle that won't slip even your hand is wet. It is unique in designs and good in quality.

5. Professional Damascus Paring Knife

Since this is a razor blade, it is really sharp and fast performing. No matter, you want to peel or chop fruit/ vegetable; it will go smoothly without any struggle. After using it for a few month, it still sharp as the new one. This paring knife is super strength and extremes resilience because it is a product from Japan. The stainless steel blade is really well-made. The pattern and appearance match each other and make the paring knife even amazing. This is a professional paring knife recommended by skilled-chief because it is comfortable to use with the secure handle and grip. It won't slip or hurt your hand after you use it for a long hour.

6. Dalstrong Paring Knife

It is extremely hard to find a small knife to peel fruits and vegetables, which perfectly fit your palm. However, you can try using this paring knife which is ruthlessly sharp. No matter you use it to chop, peel, slice or cut fruits; it will play its role perfectly. By looking at the appearance, it is really premium and durable to use because it was produced in Japan. Moreover, the price of this paring knife is really affordable and worth to use as it won't broke after long-used. For normal kitchen knife, you can't use it to peel fruit or vegetable as it is not well-designed and you will feel award while holding it. Unlike those current knives in your kitchen, this paring knife is recommended for cutting any food even sushi or pizza.

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