Top 5 Best Step Ladders and Extension Ladders Reviews in 2017

An extension ladder is commonly used when you want to reach something higher than you. For instance, you want to change the broken light on the ceiling or you want to clean the spider web on your top ceiling. Thus, having an extension ladder is a must in every household. You can fold it down and keep it easily without wasting too much space. Normally, people keep an extension ladder in their keeping room or parking lot because it is easy to find when needed. With the extension ladder, you will reach the thing you aim to. If you are interested in buying extension ladder, check out the reviews below to find out more and have a chance to get an affordable extension ladder for your own use.

1. Ohuhu Aluminum Extendable Telescoping Ladder with Non-slip Ribbing

This is an Aluminum-type 12-step ladder which you extend up to 3.8 meters long. You could use this long step ladder as a tool to make your higher in order to do your work. You can adjust it how long you want it to be but it must be less than 3.8 meters. Since it was made from Aluminum alloy, it is really durable, sturdy and stable. Every step and lock-system is carefully designed for easy lock/unlock each step. It is also to ensure the safety and protect users from injury. Having this step and extension ladder at home is pretty useful and convenient to use.

2. Little Giant Alta One Type 1 Model 22-foot Ladder

This step ladder is really lightweight because it made from heavy-duty aluminum and it is really strong. Each step you put on this step ladder, you will feel secure and safe so you don't have to worry about falling down. This step extension ladder has a safety locking hinge to ensure the stability by using your thumb and index finger to unlock. This portable step and extension ladder is perfect for medium-sized jobs. This is highly recommended and every user must use this extension ladder carefully in order to avoid all the injury; therefore, having an assistant is a good choice as well.

3. Ohuhu Aluminum Telescopic Extension Ladder with carrying strap

This anti-slip step ladder was designed with carrying strap for easy take away. After using, you can keep it firm and nicely in the carrying strap for future purpose. Users can fold up and down quickly and stores away in car parking lots, cabinets, or under your bed. It saves your time in finding and place for storing. Moreover, this anti-slip step ladder can be extended up to 2.6 meters long and 30 cm each step. It is perfect for reaching anywhere inside and outside the house. Users can use it easily without assistance needed.

4. Louisville Ladder FE3224 Fiberglass Extension Ladder

Unlike other ladders, this step ladder comes with a rope to extend the ladder and to keep you balanced.  Using this red step ladder just the first time, you will be surprised about how this step ladder tries to keep you sturdy and safe. Even technician recommended this step ladder as it is lightweight to carry around for outdoor used and you will feel confident and secure to stand on this ladder. This is a high-quality step ladder which has steel plated and quick latch rung lock which is about 300 pound only. Purchase one now to use around your house!

5. Little Giant 22-Foot Velocity Multi-Use Ladder

This is the best step and extension ladder which built to cope with a construction site. This ladder has been used at the working-site because it can be double extended which is easy to fold up and down. Therefore, every user needs to make sure that you have chosen the right ladder for your work in order to secure your 100% safe. This step ladder can be extended up to 90-degree so that you can reach the high and tough place around your house or outside tasks. Safety is first so you have to double-check all the materials in order to avoid all the tragedy.

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