Top 10 Best Tripods and Selfie Sticks for GoPro Reviews

GoPro is an action camera which is good to bring during the trip or mission since it can capture amazing shots with wide angle. When you buy GoPro, there will be a few mount that you can attach to the head, shoulders or on the vehicle. However, there is no GoPro selfie stick and tripod in the set so that you need to buy. GoPro selfie stick and tripod will help photographers when they want to shot a selfie with the amazing view at the back since the arm is not long enough. Having the GoPro tripod will also make photographers easier when it comes to shooting time-lapse or videos without any shaking. Having GoPro selfie stick or tripod attached with the GoPro, you will never worry that you might lose your small GoPro at all. See how useful the GoPro selfie stick or tripod is? Check the top 10 Tripods and selfie sticks for GoPro below.

1. GoPro 3-Way Grip, Arm, Tripod (GoPro Official Mount)

The first Tripods and selfie sticks for GoPro in this review are the original and official GoPro Mount. It was designed in the 3-in-1 grip which you can band and used in 3 different purposes. First, you can use it as a camera grip which is easy to hold because the handle was covered by the good rubber. For the first step, it is perfect to shoot point of view (POV) shot or follow footage as you can flexible without having mount appeared in the shot. Second, you can use it as an extension arm. As our arm is not long enough, you can extend it a little more so that you could have a wider view at the back. It is recommended to use when you have a lot of people want to join your selfie. Third, you could use it as a tripod. When you are having a solo trip, it's hard to ask a stranger to hold your camera. Therefore, you might need it as a tripod and you can do many styles without needed to hold the mount. For this 3-way tripod and selfie stick is really lightweight and easy to keep. Buying this tripod is like you have 3 GoPro accessories in hand.

2. Sabrent Flexible Tripod for standard Tripod Mount (GoPro mount adapter included)

This is more than just a tripod for GoPro. First of all, GoPro users can use it as a mount to hold GoPro when they want to shoot video or photo. Having this flexible tripod mount will make your videos or photos stand still in one place. It was made from high-quality material which is strong and durable. You can fold it together and used it as a camera grip to capture amazing shots. You will be impressed no matter how many times you fold it; it won't go broken. Moreover, this GoPro mini tripod is way more than just a tripod because you can use it to hold your phone (if you have a phone holder grip). Attach it to your phone so that you don't have to hold your phone while watching movies.

3. Shineda Telescopic Handheld Monopod Pole Selfie Stick

This is another type of tripods and selfie sticks for GoPro which was made from aluminum alloy. You can also call it as handheld monopod pole. With the built-in twist lock, it is extremely lightweight and easy to hold. You won't numb your wrist even you hold it for too long on your trip. The length of the pole is long enough for you to hold it as a selfie stick. You will get amazing photos by using this selfie stick pole. The top of it has a GoPro mount which you can directly attach your GoPro in the screw hole. Especially, there is a soft foam grip and wrist strap attached to the set which is definitely useful for your GoPro.

4. Selfie Stick for GoPro Hero Cameras, Waterproof, Pole Extends

You will love how waterproof this GoPro selfie stick is. It was made from expensive and good aluminum tubing which is durable and extremely sturdy. No matter how shaky the situation is (Skiing, skydiving or snorkeling), you will get a very good footage as the pole trying to stabilize the video. Having this GoPro selfie stick in hand, you will feel confident in any circumstances. You can shoot a selfie video by just holding this GoPro selfie stick without needed additional help. Moreover, you can extend the pole easily by adjusting the locking system. You can extend the pole from 17 to 40 inches. The more you extend the pole, the more stunning view you will get because the GoPro will capture the wide angle frame which allows you to see the full view.

5. Premium 3in1 Telescopic Pole, Tripod, and selfie stick for GoPro

Being able to extend to long, this GoPro selfie stick allows you to capture height shot which you first thought “impossible”. However, this tripod and selfie stick for GoPro makes impossible, possible. You can adjust the length of the pole with the safety lock which is easy to grip to ensure the stability. At the same time, this GoPro selfie stick can be used for all the model of GoPro and even your smartphone. On the top, there is a GoPro mount attached and Smartphone and digital camera mount. It is absolutely useful because of the one-fit-all function which motivates you to shoot more. Built with premium materials, this GoPro selfie stick looks just perfect. From the top to toe, you will say "Wow".

6. Flexible Tripod for GoPro

Designed in the flexible appearance, this GoPro Tripod is only 12 inch- a small and portable GoPro tripod. The critical size makes GoPro lovers or photographers easily attached it to their trip without taking too much space. It was covered with the soft microfiber cloth which is safe and soft to hold. Importantly, it has a very cute color. The quick release plate plays an essential role for all GoPro cameras because you can attach it quick for any tripod mount adapter to ensure the "Wow" shots. The "Flexible Tripod for GoPro" is not just a name but it is really flexible.

7. GoPro Selfie Stick, GoPro Pole, and Monopod with New Grip Handle

Photos are memories; it kept the record and reminds us the good one. Every photographer knows this feeling. That's why whenever you are thinking about capturing photos; make sure you have all the essential equipment in order to keep a record of good memories. If you have a trip with your friends, you must need to take a group photo and various activities during the trip. Therefore, having a good GoPro camera to shoot may be enough; you must have a GoPro selfie stick. GoPro selfie stick will allow you to extend pole and capture your moment. It is waterproof and flexible for the entire situation. You can use it as a stand-alone tripod; thus, you can take a group photo without having the pole in the frame. This GoPro selfie stick and tripod will be a great gift for your friends or loved one, not to mention about a warranty.

8. GoPole BASE - Bi-Directional Compact Tripod for GoPro Cameras

This GoPro tripod, filled in black color and non-slip grip, looks premium. There are locking legs and you can adjust the tripod longer for your own use. All the locking legs were covered by the soft yet durable rubble non-slip grip. Even though your hands are wet, you still hold it awesomely. Moreover, the screw lock will secure the sturdy and stable of your GoPro while shooting. Now, you can enjoy taking time-lapse videos without any shaky or capture your favorite people or places with worry-free. What are you waiting for? Purchase one now since it is highly recommended from many professional photographers.

9. CamKix Premium 3in1 Tripod Base and Hand Stabilizer Grip for All GoPro Cameras

For GoPro, lovers must be over-the-moon when realizing that GoPro tripod with three solutions exists. The three solutions in one GoPro tripod refers to: first, you can use this tripod to hold your GoPro while shooting action activities from one angle. Second, you can use it as a hand grip to follow up your actors or activities. Third, it can be used not only for GoPro cameras but also for any smartphones and digital cameras. This GoPro tripod is a premium one that designed and made by high-quality materials to ensure your GoPro safe and sound. With the secure locking, you can move your GoPro 180 degrees to shoot in different angles as you want without falling down.

10. SANDMARC Pole - Compact Edition: Telescoping Pole for GoPro Cameras

This GoPro tripod was made to be waterproof then it is really light to take with. It is strong and durable so that you can take it if you go hiking, skiing, diving, etc. Since it made from Aluminum, it is light yet strong. The rubber grip on the handle part is just so great to hold. You can use this GoPro selfie stick for all the types of GoPro cameras and more if you have the mount attached. Furthermore, it is lifetime warranty so you don't have to worry that it will break apart. It won't break apart yet you might lose it because it is just so good to make someone steal it. Just kidding! During the trip, it will be more than just a GoPro selfie stick. You can simply extend it longer so you could somehow use it to protect you.

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