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GoPro is an action camera which is good to bring during the trip or mission since it can capture amazing shots with wide angle. When you buy GoPro, there will be a few mount that you can attach to the head, shoulders or on the vehicle. However, there is no GoPro selfie stick and tripod […]

I’m so much in love with a camera since I love photography. Yet it is hard to find a camera with acceptable price and good in quality. It’s really hard for a limited-budget amateur photographer like me. I always wish to own one small camera so I can capture every moment during my trip and […]

As an amateur photographer, I can’t help but eager to test new toys related to photography. After seeing the stabilizer for iPhone released, I really want to use it damn much because I plan to do more vlogs for my Youtube channel. Having stabilizer in hand helps me a lot because I can make my […]

Waterproof has been equipped with only smartphones, yet recently this handy feature is also available on some digital cameras. With this such a feature, it let your device to either shoot videos or capture images under water with suggested depth. Thus, you can see and know precisely what is under the water. What’s more, waterproof […]

Besides GoPro action cameras, many other action cameras from distinguished manufacturers are available on the market these days, and they are capable enough to compete against GoPro cameras in terms of performance and feature. And, they can be the best replacement in case you don’t want to use GoPro cameras. What’s more, most of them […]

It is true that a photographer needs high quality digital camera. However, beside a single camera, photographer needs a lot more accessories in order to complete task of taking perfect composition. Among those necessary tools, a tripod is the most important equipment when it comes to video shooting or motion blurry photos. You need it […]

Everything doesn’t last forever, so do GoPro batteries. Once using them for a long period, they will somehow damage, or can’t no longer be used anymore. That is why replacement is needed to restore GoPro cameras. But, some people are having no idea about what kinds of GoPro batteries that they are going to replace […]

Having only GoPro cameras are not enough for shooting the best moment which means additional handy accessories are needed in order to use the GoPro cameras effectively in many various purposes. With additional accessories, they will make ease in using and creating new experience for every GoPro’s user; they can mount GoPro cameras on car, […]

Handheld Stabilizer had been used with shooting video which mostly involved with action. Since Handheld Stabilizer will ensure the stability of the video when the action is too fast to follow. By using Handheld Stabilizer properly, the outcome will be so great than expected. Cameramen would love to use Handheld Stabilizer because it will help […]

If you are using black GoPro Hero 4, there is not back screen for you to re-check footages you just shot. Thus, you need an extra GoPro LCD Touch BacPac in order to enable you control and playing back video and photos. Simply, GoPro LCD Touch BacPac is an external touch display that you can […]

GoPro has been becoming a new trend toy not only for photographers but also for the fashionable youth. GoPro is being used among backpacker, photographers who love adventure because of the ability of shooting under low light, wide angle, time-lapse and so on. However, fashionable youths nowadays also love to use GoPro to look rich. […]

When it comes to talk about camera, having knowledge only about the type of camera is insufficient. It is undeniable that knowing the type of it, you are able to acquire a good model of camera. However, you should at least know about the accessories that supports with your camera. It contributes a significant support […]