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Globalization advances its effects, modernization emerges in most of the places around the world. Within that, iPhone and iPad are commonly used throughout age groups. Today, not just only professional staffs use this kind of advanced technological devices, even small young learners who study in primary school or kindergarten also hold iPad as well. Hence, […]

Smart phone is a very necessary tool in life that gives us a hundred advantages. Moreover, we almost cannot do many things or go anywhere without our smart phone since our lifestyle are nearly covered by it. Certainly, the more modern the phone is, the more convenient we could use it. Hence, as we already […]

Some people have spent a lot of time with their smartphones like playing games, browsing social networks, watching videos, listening to music as well as doing other activities; all of these actions make smartphone’s battery can’t last for a whole day, so frequent charging is required. And, it takes a lot of time for full […]

The urgent moment when you require to use your devices such as smartphone, or tablet, but you are not near the electricity plug, and far away from home. As a sequence, the best assistant of charging your devices is using car charger. Car charger is the great material which provides a nice solution for you […]

Rechargeable battery is really essential for technology items nowadays, especially in remote controls. As a sequence, choosing a good quality of rechargeable battery is very important as well. If you pick the high quality one, there will be sure that you can use it durably. In addition, you don’t have to spend much money on […]

Lightweight headphones are the best thing to have when it comes long hours music listening. The headphones that are lightweight make it easier and more comfortable for you to enjoy your favorite songs for hours. No matter how long you take, the lightweight headphones will not put any pressure or weight on you at all. […]

Music is love and music is life. The best way we can enjoy the music is with speaker. Therefore, we need the top speaker with stereo sound and of course portable so that we can carry it along everywhere. Moreover, it is even more special if we can connect our music device via Bluetooth since […]

Since technology has been updated days by days; people are getting smarter and smarter. They would love to invent something different from time to time. For the time being, people love to use something simple and benefit to their lives such as wireless mouse, wireless keyboard, wireless WIFI because it is not so complex and […]

Taking selfie has been becoming a new trend for teenagers both male and female. Most teenagers love taking selfie and posting via social media to show their friends on what they are doing. From time to time, taking selfie has become a new habit for teenagers and by doing so; their selfie pictures will become […]

IPhone 6s is currently the latest version from apple company. Those who own iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s plus must be the one who love keeping updated with technology; however, due to the expensiveness of these iPhone 6s, owner should consider about having a protective case for their iPhone 6s. Having applied waterproof case for […]

Are you a phonographer? Phonographer is a new term to define someone who loves to take photos through their mobile. If you do love taking photos via mobile, do you find it hard? Taking photos from mobile, phonographer can adjust to what they want because original camera on phone is not enough. Therefore, you surely […]

Keeping special memory in our heart is one of the nostalgic feeling which everyone has. That’s why camera has been invented for taking your significant moment with your friends or family. Furthermore, nowadays new technology things have been coming up every day, and you can take pictures on your own through smartphone which is a […]