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In order to play PC games, gamers must have good keyboards. A good keyboard will make gamers feel secure and fast in combating crime in the game. Normally, there are a few key needed to be used such as W, A, S, D to move around, space, enter and such. A gaming keyboard mostly was […]

Being a professional gamer needs to invest in gaming accessories such as gaming mouse, keyboard, monitor, headset and else. People might say it is not worth to spend money on yet gamers will know how benefits those accessories are. Without those accessories, gamers cannot master their games and they won’t become a real gamer. Having […]

My childhood favorite toy is becoming back and it is more than exciting. I still remembered how I spent my time at home playing my favorite video game and beat my friends. We shared joy and happiness over the valuable toy we ever had. Thanks to Nintendo company that brings my childhood memory comes to […]

I love filming. Shooting and editing are my life. Yet I also feel frustrated whenever my laptop is running slow and hot while editing because it makes my work late. Therefore, I really need laptop cooling pad which could cool down my laptop temperature. After having one laptop cooling pad, I notice that my laptop […]

Using radio looks so classic for young generation but still gold for old people. Kids these days will claim that portable radio is kind of troublesome because they could have everything in their iPhone. It’s true, I admit. But what if you go out of town and having no internet? How do you suppose to […]

Normally, people decorate their home with photos because it shows the memory of their happy or unforgettable time. They may need to print those photos and keep inside the photo frame so that they can hang those memories on the wall in their living room or bed room. Some may be place on the desk […]

Entertainment is one of the most important things in life that we all cannot live without. Certainly, there are many kinds of entertainment but having an entertainment by just relaxing and watching a modern television at home with our family is the best captured moment for everyone. This will ensure their relationship inside the family, […]

Every second we live together with our beloved people, we want to cherish those moments. To keep and remind us about happiness times, we choose a simple way to do so is print out the pictures and then put them in picture frames. Time is flying and more memories are gained. So this method is […]

Like Apple TV, Android TV box is a small box with many features that connected with any televisions. With Android boxes, they let you connect the boxes with your television’s HDMI port so that you can watch many channels, especially Netflix or Amazon and other TV shows that are available. Additionally, you can enjoy browse […]

Wireless technology has become a part of human beings. Every currently technological product always includes this such handy technology, and so do USB adapters. USB wireless adapters receive signals from a wireless router or other wireless devices, and then they translate the signals so that computer user can access the Internet any time while they […]

A tablet is one of the smart devices we need in daily life besides the smartphone. The tablet is bigger than a smartphone which ways easier for users to read books, browse the internet, play games. I have used a few type of tablet yet Fire tablet is the most satisfaction I ever used. Below […]

Why do we need a smart watch when smart ring could perform the same things? The smart ring is not only an electronic device but also a jewelry to be fashionable. The smart ring could do just like a smart watch by connecting with your smartphone. Using smart ring is very creative and save space. […]