Category: School materials

School supplies are the first thing you need for school and new classes when the vacation ends. We talk about books, pens, pencils, and any other important supplies that you need in the backpack going to school. No stationary store is needed for such things, simply order them and you’ll get the school supplies in […]

Plastic is one of the seven materials people use in their daily life. Human makes plastic into many types of things to use such as plastic bag, household products, and school materials. Now, I will review one of the school materials which was made from plastic. It is plastic tabs which were used to note […]

Writing journals is really nice because it will keep kids to love writing, keep their goals, and improving memory. Their journals will become a life story which has a lot of tastes such as happy, sad, disappointed, surprised and they can do the reflection to themselves after all. However, in order to keep the motivation […]

Coloring is one of the favorite courses for kids at a kindergarten level. They can draw and color what they want or what they have imagined in their brain. Kids could make everything possible and lively by their imagination. If they believed there is alien, time machine, transformer; they will likely draw and color those […]