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A new brand toy, fidget spinner, is rocking over the internet and it has become a must-have trend toy in early 2017. Why is it so popular? Thanks to a campaign from Kickstarter which makes this toy so trendy. Of course, it is a toy yet a special toy that can reduce stress and anxiety. […]

Have you ever thought that playing game would increase your intelligent? Of course, playing game would improve your charisma both physically and mentally. In this modern age, there are many types of games but there is a perception that those games will make people stupid. Well, it could be if they people play it too […]

With the presence of modern technology, the world, in this 21 century, is turned to be very fantastic. Everything is invented so as to serve human’s needs. As a result, their lifestyle becomes very fascinating. Even for children, copious amount tools were created with an eye to provide them with a gorgeous playing. Amid those, […]