Top 10 Best Chinese Female Singers in 2016

Music is the best thing to entertain no matter what situation you are in. From parties to sad nights, music can always be there for you. If you are a huge fan of Chinese songs, then you probably want to know who are the best singers, what are their best songs so that you can get those songs in your mobile phones or other device to listen in any occasions. Chinese music can be varying from joyful songs to the romantic ones which is absolutely the best choice for those who love music in different categories. First, let’s talk about the best Chinese Female singers and their songs as well as a bit of their background. If you are already a fan, let’s get in some more detail about their biography and see if your idols are in the list of the top 10 best Chinese female singers. What you are about to read is the review of 2016 best Chinese female singers which are voted by fans. Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us and see if they are deserved to be in the list of top 10 best Chinese Female Singers.

Top 10 Best Chinese Female Singers in 2016

10. Sammi Cheng

Was born on 19th of August, 1972 in Hong Kong, Sammi Hui Cheng Sau-man is a Hong Kong Cantopop singer and actress who is known as one of the most prominent female singers in Hong Kong as well with album sales of over 30 million copies throughout the Asia-Pacific. Sammi holds the record of having the most best sales albums and The Best Sales Local Female Vocalist awards in the Hong Kong Cantopop industry since her debut. From 1993 to 2010, she won a total of 12 Top Female Vocalist Awards, 14 of Best Sales Local Female Vocalist Awards, and has 7 albums that are The Best Sales Cantonese Release of the Year. Sammi produced over 80 studio albums, 10 live concert albums, and over 130 concert singles with also over 30 cover songs. She had received around 200 total awards from acting to singing, performed in over 25 films, starred in 7 TV dramas in early years, and held over 140 concerts up to date with over 12 concert tours.

9. Faye Wong

Was born on 8th of August, 1969, Faye Wong is a Chinese singer, songwriter, and actress who often referred to as a diva in Chinese language media. Faye released 9 Cantonese studio albums, 10 Mandarin studio albums in 10 years along with 5 concert series which included at least 70 concerts in different countries and cities in the world. The focus of Faye Wong’s concerts has always been on her vocal performance since she seldom dances or speaks to the audience, and there are generally no supporting dancers. Another trademark is her unconventional fashion on stage like in her 1994 concerts which were memorable for dreadlocks and extremely long sleeves as well as for the silver-painted tears. At the start of her 2003 concerts her headgear was topped by an inverted shoe supporting a very long feather, and her makeup for that concert went through several changes of painted eye-shades. Her 2003 concerts set a Hong Kong record, selling 30,000 tickets within three days.

8. Hui-Mei Chang

Was born 9th of August, 1972, Chang Hui-Mei styled as A-MEI since 2014 is the stage of the aboriginal Taiwanese pop singer and songwriter. She made her debut in the world of music in 1996, achieving rapid commercial success and has been called a diva of the Mandarin pop music scene and the Pride of Taiwan. A-MEI has won numerous music awards and is popular within the Mandarin-speaking world. In February, A-MEI received the Favorite Artist: Taiwan award at the MTV Asia Awards held in Singapore. In February, A-MEI released her new chart-topping album, I Want Happiness which many see her as a come-back piece. Also, A-MEI was selected to be one of the judges on The Voice China (season 2) along with Wang Feng, Na Ying, and Harlem Yu. On August 14th, 2015, A-MEI was selected to be back on The Voice China (season 4), but this time she will serve as the advisor for Team Jay.

7. Tian Zhen

Was born 2nd of May, 1996, Tian Zhen is a Chinese rock singer from Beijing who has described Tina Turner as her favorite singer unlike her female Chinese vocalist predecessors she writes and composes her own songs. She releases 11 albums in 14 years including Beautiful Bay, Nameless Little Flower, Monica, Perserverance, Self-Titled Tian Zhen, Let It Be, Cheers, Mate, Shock, Night Stand, 38.5 degrees, and Thanks Tian.

6. Coco Lee

Was born on 17th of January, 1975 in Hong Kong, Coco Lee is a Hong Kong-born American singer, songwriter, record producer, dancer, and actress. As a Chinese American, Coco Lee is the first and only person of Chinese ethnicity to perform at the Oscars as she performed the Best Original Song nominated, A Love Before Time from the movie Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. She releases 7 Fancy Pies Records including Love from Now On, Promise Me, Enough to Love, Woman in Love, You are in my Heart Concert, Beloved Collection, and Dance with the Wind.

5. Meng Ting Wei

Was born on 22nd of December, 1969, Meng Ting Wei is a Taiwanese singer and a Television programme host. In 1991, her album Look at the Face of the Moon was sold 5 million in Asia. Four years later she signed with SONY Music Taiwan and released her eighth album True or False which made her receive many annual musical awards. Then she gone into seclusion in her heyday to meditate and seek spiritual peace. She made a comeback in 2004 and since then has subtly slanted her music toward songs that sound warmheartedly fresh. She now appears more mature and poised in new looks.

4. Li Yuchun

Was born on 10th of March, 1984, Li Yuchun who also known as Chris Lee, is a Chinese singer, actress, and fashion muse, who became one of the country’s top pop stars after winning a nationally televised talent contest in 2005. In music, she was a sensation in China, and her life became a whirlwind of performances and public appearances. Her popularity soon spread beyond China as indicated by the nod MTV gave her at MTV Asia Awards 2008 where she was named favorite artist from China. In 2013, she won in the worldwide act category at the MTV European Music Awards.

3. Teresa Teng

Was born on 29th of January, 1953, Teresa Teng or Deng Lijun was a Taiwanese pop singer who was known for her folk songs and romantic ballads. As a young child, she won awards of her singing at talent competitions which her first major prize was in 1964 when she sang Visting Yingtai from Shaw Brother’s Huangmei Opera movie, The Love Eterne, at an event hosted by Broadcasting Corporation of China. She won several awards including The New Singer Award for Kuko, The Gold Award for Toki no Nagare ni Mi o Makase, The Grand Prix for Tsugunai, The Outstanding Star Award for Wakare no Yokan, The Cable Radio Music Award, and The Cable Radio Special Merit Award. She was a lifelong sufferer from asthma and died in 1995 from a severe respiratory attack while on vacation in Thailand when was 42 years old.

2. Na Ying

Was born on 27th of November, 1967, Na Ying or Natasha Na is a Chinese vocalist who is considered as one of the best present-day female singers in Mainland China and having sold more than 10 million albums. She is an ethnic Manchu who is said to be of the Yehe Nara clan. She became member of the Liaoning Juvenile Broadcasting Chorus in 1979 and the Shenyang Singing and Dancing Troupe in 1983. After releasing a lot of albums from year to year, in 2012, she became a coach and judge on the poplar television singing show The Voice Chine (season 1) along with Yang Kun, Liu Han, and Yu Chengqing.

1.Joey Yung

Was born on 16th of June, 1980, Joey Yung is a Hong Kong singer and actress who is signed to Emperor Entertainment Group. She has won numerous awards including the prestigious JSG Most Popular Female Singer, and Ultimate Best Female Singer – Gold Awards. She is ranked 63rd on the 2014 Forbes China Celebrity 100 which make her the most powerful Hong Kong-based female singer in 2014. This famous singer has earned 80 million HKD (10.3 million USD) in 2014.

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