Top 10 Sexiest Female Kpop Singers Reviews in 2016

It is true that almost all female singers in K-pop are hot and sexy. If you have read our review of top 10 sexiest female K-pop singers in 2015, let’s take another look at a new review of top 10 sexiest female K-pop singers in 2016 to see if there are any differences and who come to the first rank this year. If we go back to the top 10 sexiest female singers of K-pop last year, there are a little difference since there are new singers come in and cause the changes in ranks. We will include their personal background, and their awards so that you will be able to know more about your favorite and your sexiest K-pop singers even clearer. Without further due, let’s go to our review of top 10 sexiest female K-pop singers of 2016 together and don’t forget to share your thoughts.

Top 10 Sexiest Female Kpop Singers Reviews in 2016

10. Im Yoona

Was born on 30th of May, 1990, Im Yoona is a South Korean singer and actress as well as a member of South Korean girl group Girls’ Generation and has participated in various television dramas such as You Are My Destiny in 2008, Cinderella Man in 2009, Love Rain in 2012, and Prime Minister and I in 2013. She made her official debut as a member videos of Girls’ Generation in August, 2007 and became the center of the group. Yoona also has been called a CF Queen since she has been many television commercial films and has been a spokesperson for various brands. If we take a look at her personal life, in September 2013, Yoona began dating South Korean singer-actor Lee Seung-gi but ended on August, 2015. Yoona has won 11 awards throughout her career.

9. Ga-In

Was born 20th of September, 1987, Ga-In is a South Korean singer, actress, and entertainer who is best known as a member of the Korean pop music girl band Brown Eyed Girls. Aside from her activities with the group, she also had solo activities begin with her appearance in 4Tomorrow which was a collaboration project with 4Minute’s Hyuna, After School’s UEE, and KARA’s Han Seung-yeon. If we take a look at her personal life, Gain and Ju Ji-hoon’s agency confirmed that they are dating on 9th of May, 2014. Besides her groupmates, Gain’s close friends are IU, Miss A’s Fei, KARA’s Hara, and 2AM’s Jo Kwon and Seulong. She has won 12 awards throughout her career.

8. Kwon Yuri

Was born 5th of December, 1989, Kwon Yuri is a South Korean singer and actress who is also a member of South Korean girl group Girls’ Generation. Yuri has also pursued acting including the dramas Fashion King & Neighborhood Hero, and the movie No Breathing. Yuri made her official debut as a member of the 9-member girl group Girls’ Generation in August, 2007. Besides her group activities, she had a small role in a television segment which is called The King’ Boyfriend which was part of the documentary Super Junior Show. It was announced in April 2015 that Yuri was in a relationship with South Korean baseball player Oh Seung-hwan. However, they were confirmed to have broken up in October after six months of dating due to busy schedules and long distance relationship. Yuri has won 4 awards including MC Special Award, New Star Award, Most Popular Actress in 2013 in TV, and Most Popular Actress Award in Film in 2014.

7. Bae Suzy

Was born on 10th October, 1994, Bae Su-ji commonly known by her stage name Suzy, is a South Korean singer and actress who is best known for her roles as Go Hye-mi in the KBS2 TV series Dream High. She is also a member of the girl band Miss A under JYP Entertainment as well. In October 2010, Suzy became the host for MBS Show! Music Core along with Minho and Onew who are both from SHINee, and Jiyeon from T-ara. In March 2015, Suzy and South Korean actor-singer Lee Min-ho were confirmed to be in a relationship. She has won 19 awards throughout her career.

6. Kim Hyo-yeon

Was born on 22nd of September, 1989, Kim Hyo-yeon or Hyoyeon is a South Korean pop singer and a member of South Korean girl group Girls’ Generation. She received dance instruction from the Electric Boogaloos and top choreographers such as Kim Hye-rang, Poppin Seen, Kwang Hoo (aka Crazy Monkey), Poppin DS, Kwon Seok-jin (aka Locking Khan), and Black Beat’s Shim Jae-won. She also worked with one of Justin Timberlake’s choreographers and a few foreign teachers. On 3rd of April, 2014, it was announced that Hyoyeon had been dating writer Kim Jun Hyung whose age 35 years old for 2 years. SM Entertainment confirmed that the two had been a couple, but broke up on 1st of April following a controversial incident where she accidentally hit him and was reported to the police for assaulting him. Her group Girls’ Generation won no less than 80 awards since 2010.

5. HyunA

Was born on 6th of June, 1992, Kim Hyuna or HyunA is a South Korean singer, dancer, songwriter, and model. She is also a singer of the Korean girl band 4Minute as well as one-half of the musical duo Trouble Maker, and has also led a successful solo career. In 2006, HyunA made her debut with Wonder Girls which is a girl group managed by JYP Entertainment as the group’s main rapper. She became well known with her debut single Change which reach the sales of over 2 million copies. HyunA has a tattoo on her left shoulder that says ‘My mother is the heart that keeps me alive.’ She later revealed another tattoo on her right inner arm reading ‘Tempus’ which means ‘Time’ in Latin. She has won 7 awards throughout her career.

4. Im Nana

Was born on 14th of September, 1991, Im Jin-ah or Nana is a South Korean singer, actress, and model as well as the member of girl group After School and its subgroup Orange Caramel. In November 2009, Nana and Raina debuted in After School as third generation members. They also debuted with the group for the release of their second single Because of You. In June 2010, Nana along with After School members Raina and Lizzy formed a sub-nit called Orange Caramel. She is currently attending Seoul Institute of the Arts with miss A’s Jia and Fei. In 2014, she has won K-Beauty Icon in Style Icon Awards.

3. Park Ji-yeon

Was born on 7th of June of 1993, Park Ji-yeon or Jiyeon is a South Korean singer, actress, and model who is best known for being the visual, main dancer, and the youngest member of K-pop girl group T-ara. It was revealed that Jiyeon and fellow T-ara member Hyomi would musically debut solo – promoting simultaneously, or in early April and early May. Her single peaked on the Korean charts at 17 and excelled in China then became the first Korean song to reach a 99.5% YinYueTai score. In July 2015, Jiyeon and South Korean actor Lee Dong Gun were confirmed to be dating for about a month since they filmed their Korean-Chinese film Encounter.

2. Lee Chae-rin

Was born on 26th of February, 1991, Lee Chae-rin or CL is a South Korean recording artist. CL’s first feature on a song recording was Big Bang’s Intro Hot Issue in 2007. Later that year she had her first stage debut at Seoul Broadcasting System’s Music Awards with her label mates at YG Entertainment. The group’s name was initially 21, but due to the discovery of a singer with the same name, the group renamed 2NE1. Lee Chaerin took on the stage name CL and was placed as the lead rapper with Bom, Sandara Park, and Minzy. CL is the leader, a vocalist, and rapper of the group 2NE1. She has won 4 awards throughout her career.

1.Yoon Bo-ra

Was born on 30th of January, 1990, Yoon Bo-ra or Bora is a South Korea idol singer and best known as a member of the South Korean girl group Sistar and their sub-unit Sistar19. In June 2010, Bora made her debut as a member of Sistar on KBS Music Bank with their debut single Push Push. In early 2011, she and her group member Hyolyn formed as a subgroup called Sistar19 with the single Ma Boy. On 21st of December, 2013, Bora won Best Rookie Awards at the 2013 KBS Entertainment Awards along with John Park.

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