Top 10 Youngest KPOP Actresses In 2016

What do you do when feel bored? Some people might prefer watching drama while others choose to do other entertaining activities to rest their mind. Among those activities, listening to the MV and music can tremendously soothe you down effectively. Nowadays, the Korean culture in terms of its arts, drama and music has noticeably rising. Everybody knows and enjoy the KPOP because of the young talent actresses that are so charming and gifted with their artistic talent. However, you might to know some background information about them so that it is easy for you to follow your passion in KPOP music based on the styles those KPOP actresses have. Therefore, here the list of top 10 youngest KPOP actresses in 2016.

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10. Min Do Hee

10.Top 10 Youngest KPOP Actresses In 2016

One of the famous charming female actresses is Min Do Hee. This cute young KPOP actress was born on September 25, 1994. She is widely known for her stage name as Dohee. She is the South Korean idol singer and actress. Within her group, Tiny-G, she is very well-known for her amazing voice and gifted talent in acting. In 2014, she won two major awards such as the Best New Actress and the Best Couple Award with Kim Sung-Kyun. DoHee made her first acting debut in 2013 with her cable drama titled as Drama Reply.

9. Lee Yoo Bi

9.Top 10 Youngest KPOP Actresses In 2016

Born into the artist family whose father is an actor and the mother of actress, Lee Yoo Bi has the amazing talent in acting the drama. She has her real name of Lee Yoo Jin. This one of the youngest KPOP actresses, Lee is now aged only 25. She was born on 1990 November 22nd. She is 166 tall which is perfect for the Asian beautiful model. She has done many TV shows such as the program called Scholar Who Walks the Night, Pinocchio and so on which received a lot of popularity. In two years of 2014 and 2015, she acted in two movies, Twenty and The Royal Tailor. Because of her amazing hard training and gifted talent, she won the 3 major awards such as the Best New Actress award in the 2015 MBC Drama Awards, the New Star Awards in 2014 SBS Drama Awards and the Newcomer Actress Award in 2013 2nd Daejeon Drama festival.

8. Kim Yoo Jung

8.Top 10 Youngest KPOP Actresses In 2016

Another young KPOP actress that you can’t miss seeing her acting is Kim Yoo Jung. She is only 16 by now but her achievement can’t be underestimated. This cute little South Korean actress was born September 22, 1999. She is 164 cm tall that is the perfect model for Asian model. She started her first debut in 2004 and in only the term of 10 years, she has acted for around 18 movies and many TV Shows. One of her greatest of all time movies that you might really want to try is “The Moon that Embraces the Sun, May Queen.” She has only finished her middle school but her talent is very praiseful. The Moon that Embraces the Sun movie got her won the Best Child Actress Award in 2 different events like the 2012 1st K-Drama Star Awards, and the 2012 4th Pierson Movie festival. She also won many other Young Actress Awards so far in her career.

7. Han Groo

7.Top 10 Youngest KPOP Actresses In 2016

Born in a province of Namyangju of the civilized South Korea, Han Groo is another famous youngest KPOP actress. She is now 23 years old and she was born on May 29 1992. She is 165 cm tall with the 46 kg of weight. Her gifted talent and charming appearance make her won the 2 major awards like the New Star Awards in 2014 SBS Drama Awards and the Best New Actress in 19th Korean Culture and Entertainment Awards. She can speak Korean and English very well. Her recent TV shows that gained a lot of support from the public is the Super Daddy Yul. You may want to see more of her performance in many of her shows.

6. Shim Eun Kyung

6.Top 10 Youngest KPOP Actresses In 2016

Shim Eun Kyung was born on May 31, 1994 in Kangneung Kangwon, South Korea. She is 163 tall and has the slender shape. Because of her model shape, great attitude and gifted talent, it makes her perform very amazingly in many of her T.V shows. The recent movie she stared in is Waiting for You in 2015. So far she has outstandingly acted for about 13 movies since 2004. She has won 7 awards in her career since 2006. Her awards are mostly the Best Actress Awards and Best Young Actress since she started her debut. If you are looking for the KPOP movie for entertainment, let’s watch her performance.

5. Shin Se Kyung

5.Top 10 Youngest KPOP Actresses In 2016

The former trainee singer, Shin Se Kyung is an actress now with lots of supports from fans all over the world. Shin was born on July 29, 1990 and she is now in the age of 25. She is 43 kg and 166 cm. Shin follows Christianity Protestant. One of her famous movie of all time is Cinderella stared in 2006. In 2012, she also stared with the famous male KPOP star, Rain in her movie of Return to Base (2012). Her recent movie is Tazza 2: God’s Hand. Her achievement includes the Excellence Award in 2015 SBS Drama Awards, the Miniseries Excellence Actress and the other two.

4. Kim So Hyun

4.Top 10 Youngest KPOP Actresses In 2016

Professional in both singing and acting, Kim So Hyun was born on June 04, 1999. She is 165 cm. she is only 16 years old by now yet her pure passion and professionalism make her one of the best youngest KPOP actress of all time. She has appeared in so many TV shows. Her recent movie you might want to see is the Princess Deokhye and her first movie is My Name is Pity. Her first award was presented in 2012 1st- K-Drama Star Awards: Special Child Actress Award. Because of her hard work and passion continue to give her the award until recently she just got the Newcomer Actress Award presented in the 2015 KBS Drama Awards.

3. Jung Eun Ji

3.Top 10 Youngest KPOP Actresses In 2016

Jung Eun Ji is a famous KPOP singer and actress in the KPOP world. She was born on August 18, 1993 and is now 22. She is 163 tall with the weight of 47 kg. She was born in Busan, South Korea. She attended plenty of famous T.V shows of KBS and tvN. Her latest award was the Popularity Award presented in the 2014 KBS Drama Awards. The first award was presented in 2012 5th Korea Drama Awards in the award of Best Couple Award with Seo In Guk. All of her movies and T.V are best recommended.

2. Kim Seul Gi

2.Top 10 Youngest KPOP Actresses In 2016

A 24-year-old KPOP actress, Kim Seul Gi, is a very cute actress. Her popularity increasingly arise in the KPOP world. She was born in October 10 1991. She was born in Dongnae, Busan, South Korea. Her famous T.V shows are Splash Splash Love, Oh My Ghost, and so on. She has so far acted for 5 movies which are really famous among the teens around the world. She appeared in her first movie of Accompanied (2012). She won the Newcomer Actress Award in 2014 KBS Drama Awards.

1. Kim Sae Ron

1.Top 10 Youngest KPOP Actresses In 2016

The Youngest female actress in KPOP is Kim Sae Ron. She is only 15 years old, and she was born on July 31, 2000. Her cuteness and charming give her the credit along with her talent and passion. Her performance is quite catching so she gains a lot of support from the fans all over the globe. Her age doesn’t determine her achievement at all. Although she is quite young, she has performed in many movies and her most recent movie is the Manhole (2014). She has also won 6 national awards so far with her most recent award, the Best New Actress presented in 2014 35th Blue Dragon Film Awards. The highly recommended movie is A Girl at My Door.

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