Top 3 Best Nintendo Switches with Joy-Con

My childhood favorite toy is becoming back and it is more than exciting. I still remembered how I spent my time at home playing my favorite video game and beat my friends. We shared joy and happiness over the valuable toy we ever had. Thanks to Nintendo company that brings my childhood memory comes to life again. I could still play those game well and it is so much satisfying. The graphic and technology are a lot better that I could ask for or even imagine. Joy con controllers are so much comfortable that I can’t get out of it. Talking about joy con makes me LMAO because I still remember how my sister broke the joystick while she was playing a video game with my brother. If you are 90s kid and ever played this type of video games, you will have a precious childhood memory that kids nowadays will never understand. Proud, right? I do proud of my childhood memory. If you still want to recall that childhood back, order Nintendo Switch now. And the customer review is below either.

1. Nintendo Switch with Neon Blue and Neon Red Joy-Con

This Nintendo Switch is the latest version and the best-selling product of all video games. Just the first glance, you will absolutely fall in love with the design- which filled in the most charming color, red and blue. The appearance, size, design and color are really great matching and it is a new home video game system from Nintendo Company. It could be a gift for your kids when he or she does well in the class. However, do not let them play video games too much; you should set a schedule for them so that they can manage their time and relax their mind either. You can let them play on the weekend in order to make some noises in the home. I bet this Nintendo Switch will make your home more thrilling because of its exciting video games.

Thinking about video games from Nintendo, Super Mario must be the first game that pops up in your mind. Run, jump, eat and save other people could make your day even wonderful. By the way, you can also beat your kid with the multiplayer mode so that you can build a strong relationship and improve his/her intelligent. More importantly, you can take this Nintendo video game to play anywhere at any time you want- where you can connect the system to the TV or play on the original screen. If you take a look at the graphic design and resolution, you will notice the high resolution which won't be harmful to your eyes.

I really salute today technology which is so great and amazing; it is growing greater and greater from days to days. For the joy con controllers, you will notice the strong grip which is easy to control. The buttons are so easy to touch and work great for the fast moving game mode. There are 2 joy cons and they are really attractive which make you eager to play. I really recommended this Nintendo switch to every game lover (gamer) because it is handy, durable and affordable.

2. Nintendo NES Classic Mini EU Console

Here is the second Nintendo video game device; it is freaking awesome. First, I will introduce you about the size of the device. Overall, I rate this Nintendo device 4/5 why the size suits me best. It is small enough to fit my palm, lightweight and so much durable. It is easy to keep since the size is really critical. My nine-year-old brother also loves it. It comes with 1 joystick mini classic, cable and stuff which are easy to install. Second, there are around 30 original games and most of them are fantastic. You will ever recall your childhood memory. I do and always try to beat my last record. Third, it is about the Nintendo system. It will automatically shut down when you leave it for hours; but, don’t worry, it will save your game.

3. Nintendo Switch with Gray Joy-Con

What I absolutely love about this Nintendo machine is the joystick; it is pretty expensive though. It does its role well and I feel comfortable when holding it in my palm. With all the buttons are well-built, I don't find it as the obstacle while playing my video game. It is so durable no matter how hard I put pressure on it; it doesn't break apart. The gaming system is something I must admire. The graphic, gameplay mode style, sound effect surprise me. This Nintendo is highly recommended because of one thing PS4 or Xbox can't beat is the portability. I can bring it to everywhere as I wanted.

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