Top 5 the Best Colored Smencils for Back to School Reviews

Coloring is one of the favorite courses for kids at a kindergarten level. They can draw and color what they want or what they have imagined in their brain. Kids could make everything possible and lively by their imagination. If they believed there is alien, time machine, transformer; they will likely draw and color those things. That’s why we created colored smencils in the purpose to improve kids’ perception and they will enjoy studying. But wait? What are colored smencils? Colored smencils are the new invention from colored pencils yet they were made from different materials. Old newspapers had been used as the outside of colored smencils by adding more fragrant. The idea of creating colored smencils is to recycle some materials that people think they are useless to be useful in order to save the world. Check out these top 5 colored smencils for you kids now.

5. Colored Smencils 10 Pack



These are 10 colored smencils which have different scents for kids to use. Those scents could last for 2 years and they didn’t have side effect for health yet kids will enjoy coloring and playing with these colored smencils. The smells of those colored smencils are really nice and fragrant and kids can use them to colored bodies or write scores. The color from those colored smencils is really smooth and good; kids can color pictures without getting annoy.

4. Colored Smencils / Smarkers Set




Using colored smencils will likely reduce the need for cedar tree for colored pencils each year. Colored smencils were made from recycled materials such as newspapers in order to save the world. There are no chemical substances that affect human capacity yet it shows the benefit of recycling. Old newspapers were rolled tightly to make them tight and durable just like colored pencils. Kids can use these colored smencils to color their art book and they can last for 2 years which is really great for students.

3. Disney Finding Dory Colored Smencil Sets



There are basically five smelled of these colored smencils such as marshmallow, bubble gum, blueberry pie, cotton candy, and tangerine. They are not just an ordinary colored smencils, they are also toys for kids nowadays. Kids can take turn to guess the smell of these colored smencils and that’s fun. Colored smencils are not only to improve the coloring skill but also the guessing skill for kids. The quality of this colored smencil is just greater than you’d ever imagined and they are so affordable.

2. Smencils – 30 Gourmet Scented Pencils



There are 30 colored smencils in this box and they are perfectly desinged which can be used for both boys and girls. Your kids would be so excited if you bought these colored smencils set for their back to school day. These colored smencils can be sharpened just as the colored pencils and colors of those colored smencils are so amazing. You kids would love these colored smencils to the max since they are always satisfied with their coloring result.

1. Educational Insights 10-Pack Smencils



This product is really different from other colored pencils you have bought for your kids. This is the generation to save the world and environment as many trees are being cut down every day for the economic purpose. That’s why these colored smencils were created from a waste newspaper so that we can cut down trash as well as cedar trees.
These are pleasant colored smencils and also encourage kids to love environment; at the same time, kids are enjoying doing their homework with good smelled pencils. Moreover, this colored smencil set was designed in a freshness tubes – a handy zipper storage bag.

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