Top 5 the Best Coloring Journal Books for Kids Reviews

Writing journals is really nice because it will keep kids to love writing, keep their goals, and improving memory. Their journals will become a life story which has a lot of tastes such as happy, sad, disappointed, surprised and they can do the reflection to themselves after all. However, in order to keep the motivation in writing journals every day, this book also included coloring pictures which are so attractive to kids. They are not only writing yet they can even draw or color their lives events in the book and to make their coloring journal book lively.

5. Coloring Cafe-Cuppa Cute Journal: A fashion inspired coloring journal



This coloring journal book is worth to buy because it will motivate your kids to love writing even more. It was made in a perfect size which is easy to keep in the bag. There are plenty of space to write and kids can stick photos or stickers in the book as well. Coloring pictures are so cool and gorgeous, kids would love to paint them. Therefore, kids should also bring their color pencils either. The cover of this book was designed by doodle graphic which is a trendy art nowadays.

4. Adult Coloring Journal – An Adult Coloring Journal with Inspirational Quotes



This is not just an ordinary coloring journal book but it is also included inspirational quotes which are good for kids’ mindset and to learn and reflect themselves. Kids can turn this book into art books or they still can keep it as their personal diary. Having a diary book that could keep a record what have happened every day is really clever. Sometimes, we can go back to review the mistakes in order to learn from it and don’t make it again.

3. Live, Love, Laugh Adult Coloring Journal



A 160-page coloring journal book was made from high-quality paper which is so durable. The user can write, draw, paint in this book which there is plenty space. Kids can design or make their coloring journal book unique from other by adding graphic or stickers with educational quotes. After designing their own coloring journals book, it will inspire them to write more yet parents also need to encourage kids. However, in order to have a good writing, kids need to do a lot of reading. Keep writing and reading every day, kids will learn to use critical thinking.

2. Coloring JournalBook (8.5 x 7 inches) — Side-Bound Notebook



The product from the USA, this coloring journal book is really thick and good quality paper. The price of this book is really reasonable and your kids can turn it into either artbook or journals book. The high-quality paper allows kids to draw or water-painting without getting wet. You can write the dairy or journals of the lessons because somehow you cannot trust your memory, you should not it down in order to memorize it. Keep your thought alive in this coloring journal book.

1. Beautiful Botanicals 140 Page Coloring Journal



This coloring journal book is really amazing. Each page, you will notice doodle graphics and they are really beautiful. There are around 140 pages yet you will never get bored on writing or drawing since each page will inspire you to write more and more. This book is so handy and attractive and it will likely to improve or increase the writing habit which will benefit for your thinking skill. Those who love writing are calm and critical person. This is a highly recommended coloring journal book and you cannot missed this one.

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