Top 5 Best GoPro Battery Replacement

Everything doesn’t last forever, so do GoPro batteries. Once using them for a long period, they will somehow damage, or can’t no longer be used anymore. That is why replacement is needed to restore GoPro cameras. But, some people are having no idea about what kinds of GoPro batteries that they are going to replace since some batteries are fake with low quality and easy damage on the market these days. What’s more, once replacing replica the batteries, they somehow affect to performance of the GoPro cameras even can’t be fixed as well in serious case. Thus, every GoPro’s user has to be cautious before purchasing.

However, in this article is going to introduce you top five best GoPro batteries that are completely suitable for replacement, and you don’t have to worry about quality at all. Because all of those below batteries feature high tech Japanese cells, rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that are kind of batteries that can be used for long term, and they provide no harm to every handy GoPro camera. Thus, below are the details of those five highly recommended GoPro batteries for you to find out more before making a wise decision. Please feel free to take a look the details of those five recommended GoPro batteries.

1. GoPro Rechargeable Battery (HERO 5)

This new release replacement battery is official product from GoPro that you can trust in about the quality, and it is compatible with only GoPro HERO 5. And, it is lithium-ion rechargeable battery that is good enough in terms of use and performance. What’s more, you can use it as spare battery by replacing another battery when it is low battery.


  • Compatibility-GoPro HERO 5
  • Battery’s Type-Lithium-ion Rechargeable Battery
  • Either Replacement Battery or Spare Battery

2. GoPro Hero 4 Rechargeable Battery

With this battery from GoPro, it is compatible with GoPro HERO 4. It is lithium rechargeable battery that has high capacity and can be used for long term without getting easy damage. More importantly, it is not only replacement battery but extra battery as well to replace the one that is low battery once shooting, so it is very convenient.


  • Compatibility-GoPro HERO 4
  • Battery’s Type-Lithium Rechargeable Battery
  • Both Replacement Battery and Extra Battery

3. Smatree 1290mAh Replacement battery

Two high capacity batteries are ready to replace the old one or be extra batteries at any time you want. And, it is compatible with only GoPro HERO 4. What’s more surprisingly, the two batteries are high tech Japanese cells, and they are rechargeable li-ion batteries that are powerful enough for both replacement and long term use. More than this, rapid charger and USB cable also include in this set to charge three batteries at once fast and swiftly.


  • Compatibility-GoPro HERO 4
  • 2-Pack Batteries-Rechargeable Li-ion Batteries
  • Rapid Charger and USB cable

4. Sharkk 2 Pack Battery

These two batteries are completely compatible with GoPro HERO 2/3/3+. They are lithium-ion rechargeable batteries that have high capacity with long term use, so they are economical. Moreover, dual charger dock with USB charging cable also include for charging two spare batteries at any time you want. And, the charger dock is equipped with overcharging technology and LED indicator to prevent the batteries from damage and indicate the status of the batteries. These two features are so handy.


  • Compatibility-GoPro HERO 2/3/3+
  • Rechargeable Li-ion Batteries
  • Charger Dock with Charging Cable
  • Overcharging Technology

5. Wasabi Power Battery (2-Pack)

This last rank of top five GoPro batteries goes to batteries from Wasabi. These two batteries are utterly compatible with GoPro HERO 3 and 3+. And, they are Japanese cells with high capacity, and they can be used for either replacing or being extra batteries for long term use. More necessarily, rapid charger and car adapter are also available for charging batteries no matter where you are, even in the car.


  • 2 Japanese Cells Batteries
  • Compatibility-GoPro HERO 3/3+
  • Rapid Charger with Car Adapter
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