Top 5 Best Professional Tripods

It is true that a photographer needs high quality digital camera. However, beside a single camera, photographer needs a lot more accessories in order to complete task of taking perfect composition. Among those necessary tools, a tripod is the most important equipment when it comes to video shooting or motion blurry photos. You need it to stand by your camera in one place so that your picture or video won’t shake. Since you are a professional cameramen, you deserve a professional tripod which is ergonomic and easy carry with to a long journey. It has to be long lasting lifetime for everyday use because cameramen needs it daily.

As you know that tripod is a must for every photographer to have, before buying it you have to consider every detail of the tripod whether it is worthy and contains enough superior abilities. In this article, I am going to tell you briefly about the top 5 best professional tripods’ details. After reading the article, you can make a quick and potential decision of purchasing tripod.

1. Pantan Q6 Plus Big Size Professional Aluminum Magnesium DV Tripod

This is a 72 inch height professional tripod for DSLR camera and video recorder. It mainly has black color with gold line. This tripod can be extended maximum to 183 cm due to its 3 parts extensions. Additionally, it is made of aluminum alloy which gives strong and high quality. The tripod has 3D panoramic head with quick release plate so you can spend less time connect camera with it. Don’t worry if you think camera is not safe on its head. The head has secure lock that supports and stabilizes your camera well.

2. Zomei Professional Portable Metallic Color Carbon Fiber Tripod

This is an orange portable professional tripod which is an ideal for travelling. It is suitable for almost all camera brands such as Canon, Nikon, Sony, Samsung and more. The tripod can be transformed into monopod because of its removable legs. As it weighs only 3 pounds, you can easily bring it with you and put it in a bag. Despite its lightweight, it can support camera with 300 zoom lens and 30lbs weight. Moreover, it is made from metal and constructed in a heavy duty.

3. KetDirect K111 Aluminum Professional Lightweight Camera Tripods

This is a black lightweight aluminum professional tripod for Canon, Nikon and Song digital cameras. Thanks to high density aluminum tube, it is very durable and stable. Moreover, it has only 2.7 pound weight which provides easiness when you go on trips or distant places for shooting pictures. It has quick release plate with secure clip head and rubber mat for supporting camera heaviness. The leg locks are easy and fast unlock to adjust height.  

4. Ravelli AVTP Professional 75mm Video Camera Tripod

Wonderfully, it is a fluid drag head professional tripod which is black and silver. It has 75mm when unreleased, but will be 54.5 inch when fully extended. Unlike other tripods, this special tripod contains 2 head controlling sticks for perfect and comfortable angel changing. In addition, it can endure any video cameras or single lens reflect camera whose weight less than 27 lbs.  

5. Fancierstudio Professional Heavy Duty Video Camcorder Tripod

This is a crutch legs professional tripod which can support camera which has 6 kilograms. It has 3 segment interlocking crutch legs so that it can guarantee durability and stability to you. What’s more, if you need highest height for shooting, this tripod can offer 54.5 inch height. There are only 2 leg locks so you just need to loosen them.   

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