Top 7 Best Android TV Boxes

Like Apple TV, Android TV box is a small box with many features that connected with any televisions. With Android boxes, they let you connect the boxes with your television’s HDMI port so that you can watch many channels, especially Netflix or Amazon and other TV shows that are available. Additionally, you can enjoy browse the internet, play games, access applications via Ethernet port that has already been equipped with the boxes with high speed of the internet connection. What’s more, the Android TV boxes come with fast CPU with huge RAM that these two main components make them run smoothly without any leggings at all. Besides Ethernet port, they also come with USB port, storage, and memory card port for further useful connection and use. So, you have a variety of choices of connection; all you need to do is just select one.

As a result, this article is going to reveal top seven best Android TV boxes that are perfectly suitable for use in both home and dorm. All of them come with high quality of performance, storage capacity, and internet connection. Thus, below are the details of those seven Android TV boxes for you to find out more precisely.

1. Pigflytech PFQ Q-10 Android TV Box

This is No.1 Android TV box on the market since it has many useful specifications. Primarily, it uses the fastest chipset that has improved its performance that its previous generation. What’s more, it also uses the latest Wi-Fi module to connect wireless connection fast without lagging while streaming movies or live TV shows. More importantly, it uses the EMMC flash that prevents the box against freezing while operating. Lastly, new update is always updated in every two weeks. That is why you always stay up to date with this premium Android TV box.


  • No.1 Android TV Box
  • Latest Chipset and Wi-Fi Module
  • EMMC Flash-Freezing Prevention
  • Always Update with New Version

2. Leelbox Q1 Master Android 6.0 TV Box

This is Marshmallow Android TV box that is also highly recommended. The TV box has been equipped with quad core processor that is ample for smooth performance for streaming, playing, and watching. More than this, you can enjoy watching 4k videos that are four times sharper than Full-HD resolution. More importantly, it has Ethernet port for fast internet connection; therefore, it is worth purchasing one for entertainment.


  • 4K Videos Streaming
  • Quad Core Processor
  • Ethernet Port-included

3. NEXSMART Android TV Box

Having been equipped with quad core processor and HD graphic, this TV box runs smoothly without any lags at all once streaming movies, playing online games, and accessing other provided applications. What’s more, the box lets you enjoy streaming 4K resolution without buffer so that you never miss wonderful moments of your favorite movies or TV shows. Lastly, it has HDMI port, WLAN port, USB port, and memory port as well.


  • Android Lollipop TV Box
  • Quad Core Processor plus HD GPU
  • Support 4K Resolution

4. AKASO M8S 4K Android TV Box

This is beast of Android TV Boxes. This TV box has been equipped with many astounding features. It has quad core processor comes along with 2GB of RAM and Octa-Core GPU. With those handy components, every single thing will run smoothly without any disturbance of all time. Thus, you can enjoy watching movies, streaming 4k videos, playing 3D games, or doing other tasks with fast performance. Not least, it has various provided ports such as HDMI port, WLAN port, USB port and Bluetooth 4.0 as well.


  • Quad Core Processor with Octa-Core GPU
  • RAM: 2GB, ROM: 8GB
  • Storage: 32GB
  • Bluetooth 4.0

5. NEXBOX A95X Android 6.0 TV Box

This is the first model of Android Marshmallow TV box in 2016. The TV box has been equipped with quad core processor that is a kind of processor that lets you enjoy watching or streaming 3D or 4K videos and movies freely without buffer. What’s even more feature, a handy remote control is also included for controlling every function of the box easily and swiftly.


  • Marshmallow Android TV Box (First Model)
  • Quad Core Processor with 1GB of RAM
  • Storage: 8GB
  • 3D and 4k Streaming

6. Mx Pro Mini Android TV Box

Small size of devices is trending these days. This is mini Android TV box is absolutely the best selection for everyone. With quad core process with 1GB of RAM, these two main features will provide smooth and swift performance that you have never experienced of. What’s more, it is the best companion for family entertainment and a special gift for special occasions as well. Lastly, remote control is also included for convenient use and control.


  • Mini Android TV Box
  • Quad Core Processor with 1GB of RAM
  • Storage: 8GB
  • Remote Control-included

7. Monba W8 Kodi fully loaded TV Box

Even though it is last rank among seven best Android TV boxes, it still has several features that may meet your requirement of Android TV box. The TV box is ideal for 4K streaming entertainment since it has been equipped with quad core processor for fast performance of all time. What’s even more surprisingly, it comes with four USB 2.0 port for convenient connection. Not least, wireless keyboard is also included for controlling instead of remote control.


  • Quad Core Processor plus 1GB of RAM
  • Storage: 8GB
  • 4 USB 2.0 Provided
  • Wireless Keyboard-included
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