Top 7 Best Balance Bikes

Balance bikes are the best vehicle to have if you want to teach your kids how to ride a bicycle. Balance bikes have special design of low seats and wheels that your kids to put both feet on the ground. That makes you easier to teach your kids to begin their first bike journey safely and conveniently. The main purpose of the bike is to make little kids develop their balance, control, and steering with ease. After that, they will be able to ride bicycle easily as they already learned every basic steps with balance bikes.

There are many balance bikes out there on the markets, but you know you want the best ones. This review is here to help you out with right choice of high quality balance bikes for you kids. Check it out and pick one of the bikes for your little ones to start their first bike journey.

1. Strider Classic Balance Bike: for 18 Months to 3 Years Old Kids

This balance bike makes a great choice for kids whose age is 18 months or 1 year and a half. As they begin to walk, this balance bike will be their first vehicle to start with. The aim of this bike is for easy, safe, and natural transition towards a pedal bike to the kids. It has high construction of high performance along with easy setup for you. The tires are flat-free EVA polymer which they can use till they grow up. The seat and handlebars are adjustable which grow with the kids for long term ride. You can always customize the length of this bike to fit your kid’s height with ease.

2. Cruzee UltrLite Balance Bike: for Age 1.5 to 5 Years Old

Why tricycle when your kids can learn to balance themselves safely with this balance bike? It is the cruise bicycle that you growing babies can learn to ride before their real bike journey. The bike is made of rust-free anodized aluminum which looks new and last for years. The seat is wide while the handlebar is adjustable which grow with your kid till they turn 5 years old. Also, this balance bike is lightweight which is easy for the kids to balance and walk with. The bike delivers effortless control which creates confidence to little kids as they start.

3. Schwinn Balance Bike: for 1.5 to 5 Years Old

If you think too lightweight balance bike is not comfortable, this one is right for you. It is the balance bike that comes with extra weight for sturdiness, but too heavy for little kids to handle. This balance bike has foot floor frame design that allows you kids to rest their foot when they get tired. With adjustable seat and handlebars, you can always customize the length of the bike to fit your kids. They can ride this bike from their young age till 5 years old as the bike is growing with them. There are 4 colors for you to choose including pink, blue, red, and green.

4. Chicco Red Bullet Balance Training Bike: for 3+ Years Old

This balance bike is here to help your kids to gain balance as they begin to ride bicycle. It features ergonomic and adjustable lightweight frame which is durable and lasts for years. Also, the seat and handlebar is adjustable which grows with your kids till they turn 5 or 6 years old. The tires of this bicycle is soft and durable, and they delivers smooth and comfort balance to your little ones. This balance bike is designed with experts to make sure that the kids can easily use and learn the balance. The red and black color includes style to the bike which makes your children look adorable and nice on it.

5. Critical Cycles Cub No-Pedal Balance Bike: from 20 months to 5 Years Old

The aim of this balance bike is to cultivate confidence in children as they learn to ride bicycles. This bike features foot-to-floor and step-thru frame design fore easy and comfortable ride for them. With the extremely safe design, this adorable bicycle helps reduce risk of injury that commonly happen to the kids successfully. The bike improves balance and coordination at crucial developmental stages for little children to learn. It comes with air-free tires that will never ever go flat yet go smooth and glide with comfort. The seat and handlebars are adjustable which grow with your kids as they become taller.

6. Diggin Active Skuut Wooden Balance Bike: for 2 to 5 Years Old

Here is the unique wooden balance bike that is surprisingly helpful for your children. Your little kids can kick off the ground just like they run to push or scoot themselves to move the bike. They can easily balance, steer, and manage the bicycle independently as the beginning of their bicycle journey. The tires are flat-free which will never go flat which can always hold your kids’ weight as they grow up. There are 3 colors of this wooden bike for you to choose: red, blue, and green.

7. Vilano Children’s Balance Bike: for 2 to 4 Years Old

No pedals come with this balance bike which makes it delivers better ride to the kids. No pedals means no trips and falls, your kids will be able to learn how to control the bike safely. Your children will be able to gain coordination and develop confidence for pedal bikes easily. You can always adjust the seat and handlebar for best fit to your child as they grow. This balance bike is easy to assemble since it has no pedals, no chain, or training wheels at all. You will also get handlebar pad and bell in the set as well. Get ready to teach them little babies with comfort and safety now!

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