Top 7 Best Bicycle LED Safety Lights

The best bicycle LED safety lights are what bikers have to have when they cycle at nights. The lights are bright which makes you visible in the dark and makes you safe from other drivers. These lights come in different lighting modes that allow you to use in different purposes and different situations. They are easy to attach to your bike which is easy to use and time saving. In case you are looking for some best bicycle LED safety lights, you can check them down below.

There are many LED safety lights for bicycle, but the best ones are here for you. Take a look at the 7 best top choices from bikers around the world here, and make your decision.

1. Apace Vision LED Safety Light

This LED safety light comes with exceptional design of slim, lightweight, compact, and super bright. The light features two eye-catching modes of illumination including steady and strobe that you can easily switch. With two coin batteries, the light will last up to 70 hours in steady mode, and 90 hours in strobe mode. It is easy to use with the clip-on design that you can hook to the belt, pockets, runner gear, and more. This light is weather resistant which you can use in any weather condition at any time. There are 5 colors available for you including red, blue, green, orange, and pink.

2. Blitzu Bike Light Set

Forget about batteries because you can charge this safety light right from your PC or other devices with USB port. It has 4 lighting modes: high, mid, low, and flashing that you can use in different situations easily. The light is incredibly bright that can keep you safe when you cycle in the dark. It features the practical, reliable, and durable design that makes the perfect choice for long term use. You can mount and detach the light in just seconds without needed any tools at all. It is waterproof and durable which you can use for years while cycling in no matter what situation.

3. Blitzu Ultra Bright Bike Light

Are you looking for a bright light for your bicycle journey? Try this one. As soon as you attach this light to you bike, you can be seen from blocks away when the sun goes down. That makes it easy for you to ride with confidence no matter how dark it is. The light comes with cyborg which is 50% larger and the 15% brighter that makes you shine at night. The ultra bright design of the light will keep your safe with the extraordinary wide beamed of eye-catching red light. You can easily charge the light with USB port with any devices conveniently.

4. BV Bicycle LED Light Set

This light comes in a set of headlight and taillight that you can attach on both front and back of your bike. The headlight features 5 LED light with tool-less handlebar mount that delivers 30-40 feet of light range. While the taillight features 3 LED light with angle adjustable quick-release mount for you. These lights are water resistant which allows you to cycle with both safety and confidence at the same time. The lights are visible to drivers up to over 1500 feet away, and you only need 6 batteries for them. They are easy to use, and they last up to 80 hours which is simply great to use.

5. Bright Eyes Aircraft LED Bike Light Set

This is the bike light that comes in a set that you can use in multiple purposes. You can adjust this LED bike light from 80 to a powerful 300 lumens for your safety while cycling at nights. It is designed to bring you the reliable and incredible bright light for you bicycle in whatever weather conditions. You can use one as headlight and another as taillight or split the set to mount on 2 different bikes. They are 100% waterproof which is sturdy and dependable to mount and use.

6. SafeCycler LED Bike Lights

This is the bike light that makes you feel safer with the super bright flashing that grabs drivers’ attention. They are easy to install without needing any tools at all. The lights are also theft proof since you easily take your lights with you thanks you quick-release feature. You can use the lights as either headlight or taillight on your bike with ease. The lights are waterproof with the design of rubber gasket that keeps the electronics dry.

7. BV Bike LED Light Set

These are the super bright bike lights that comes with 3 modes of each light for you to use in different purposes. There are 3 lighting modes that you can use during your journey including steady, flashing, and chasing. Each lighting mode makes you visible to other drivers while you  cycle at nights. The lights are water resistant which allows you to ride and use in any weather conditions with ease. They are powered by AAA batteries, and they last for hours that you can use for days.

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