Top 7 Best Digital Photo Frames

Normally, people decorate their home with photos because it shows the memory of their happy or unforgettable time. They may need to print those photos and keep inside the photo frame so that they can hang those memories on the wall in their living room or bed room. Some may be place on the desk so that it will make you fresh whenever you are working. Having photo frame in the home won’t be out of style yet we have to upgrade it. Nowadays, you still can place those breath taking pictures of your family by using a modern digital photo frame- a photo frame display high quality photos using USB drive. Why do you need to use a digital photo frame instead? The answer is below.

1. Digital Photo Frame with Motion Sensor (X08E)

As an amateur photographer, I am please and love seeing the photos I have taken around me. After having this digital photo frame at home, I can save a lot of time and money. This digital photo frame could slideshow all of my photos and video and it is absolutely amazing. Basically, if I want to decorate my home with all of my pictures, I would need to print them out and they would cost me time and money as I need to make sure the printing is good enough. And now, I definitely fall in love with this digital photo frame because of its resolution is what I am longing for.

2. Digital Photo Frame with Built-in Storage Motion Sensor MP3 Player

This is more than a digital photo frame. If you already have slideshow or video, you can plug it into this digital photo frame which could support up to 16GB with the built-in speaker. You will enjoy seeing photos slide from one to one with the romantic or relaxing music, which could remind your memory. You will find your photo in the high resolution as the screen of this photo frame is the most high-tech one. It is pretty easy to use even your 5 year-old kid would know how to place the photos inside this digital photo frame.

3. 8-Inch Digital Photo Frame with High Resolution

This is suitable to be a gift for someone’s birthday or on anniversary, not to mention about price yet it will give someone a good memory. It comes with auto slideshow feature which you could insert your memory card after you did photo-shoot. You can use this digital photo frame to view all your photos immediately so that you could analyst your best photo of today. This digital was made from a very high-quality LED screen and auto on/off mode; therefore, you will find it useful to decorate your house with this photo frame.  

4. Ever Frames 8 inch Hi-Resolution Digital Photo Frame with 16 GB Memory

The digital photo frame has a big screen which easily views the photos of your precious memory. It could store up to 3K photos or more depend on the size of your photos because the maximum is 16GB. It supports 4:3 aspect ratio then you have to make sure your photo is perfectly suit the LCD screen. Importantly, it could view most of the file even video file with different styles of slideshows; consequently, be ready to make your special moments wonderful.  This product is environmental and user friendly because you don’t have to print tons of photos anymore.

5. Micca Wide Screen High Resolution Digital Photo Frame with Auto On/Off Timer

I always feel satisfy whenever I see my photos in this digital photo frame because of the image quality. It shows a rich color photos which is really amazing to make the image remarkable. To use it is just a piece of cake with no software to install; just turn in on and plug your USB- that’s it. You can use this digital photo frame to play music video with built-in speaker or head jack. You also can use the remote control to turn it on/off to save energy as well.   

6. Pix-Star 10.4 Inch Wi-Fi Cloud Digital Photo Frame

Nowadays, people love to use modern gadget, not to show off but to follow up with current technology. So you don’t have to print photo and stick on the wall or on the table anymore, just use this digital photo frame and you could see all of your photos. There are many size and color for you to choose according to your preference. It is even cooler as there is a network connected so that you can transfer photos via email.

7. Nixplay Edge 8-Inch Wi-Fi Cloud Digital Photo Frame with Hi-Res Display

Do you want to surprise your loved one? Give this digital photo frame to him/her and then send photos via email or iPhone/Android app, s/he will totally be surprise to see new photos coming up to remind him/her a good memory. It could create photo playlists from Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox and other social network because it has a large storage.

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