Top 7 Best Digital Picture Frames

Every second we live together with our beloved people, we want to cherish those moments. To keep and remind us about happiness times, we choose a simple way to do so is print out the pictures and then put them in picture frames. Time is flying and more memories are gained. So this method is not the most convenient. We cannot put thousands of photo frames in our living room. However, technology can give us what we want and make thing easier. Consequently, digital picture frame has been invented. From now on we can screen hundreds of photos in one device and we can place it in living room or where else. The most important is it is long lasting and safe to use more than other normal frames which are fragile.

Plenty of digital picture frames have been produced gradually as their popularity has been increasing. And for you consumer, if you want to purchase the right one, there are too many models for you. Here below are the top 7 best digital picture frames’ details.

1. NIX Advance - 8 inch Hi-Res Digital Photo Frame with Motion Sensor (X08E)

This is a LED backlit display digital picture frame which you can show off your moments in a great HD quality on 8 inch screen. Moreover, you can also include your videos in by connecting the frame to USB. Interestingly, the frame contains Hu-motion sensor which automatically turns on whenever you enter the room and off when leaving the room. Besides being a photo frame, its functions are a clock or a calendar and a stereo speaker.

2. Nixplay Original 12 Inch WiFi Cloud Digital Photo Frame

This is a Wifi cloud digital picture frame which has 12 inch screen. You don’t need to print out the photo and go on many processes as previous time. However, with this photo frame, you just send all wonderful photos straight to it by using email or smartphone app. What’s more, it helps collecting all your photos on social media into a personal photo playlist and saves them securely to Nixplay online cloud storage.

3. Pix-Star 15 Inch Wi-Fi Cloud Digital Photo Frame FotoConnect XD with Email

This is a black online provider digital picture frame that offers you an enormous screen which is 15 inches and 4 GB internal memory. It can store 15 thousands photos. If it is not enough space for photos, it supports external USB and SDHC memory cards.  Moreover, it receives pictures directly on your Pix-Star frame from the Internet with its dedicated email address. Lastly, it accesses more than 20 online providers and view pictures from web albums, including Picasa, Facebook, Flickr, Smug mug, and more.

4. NIX Advance - 12 inch Digital Photo & HD Video (720p) Frame with Motion Sensor & 8GB Memory

It is a 12 inch screen with 8 GB memory digital picture frame. You can make a combination of photos and videos in the same slideshow showed on this frame. This frame’s got a high resolution of 800x600 (4:3). Additionally, you will get portable drive memory that included along with the digital frame. Plus, it accepts USB and SD or SDHC Card that stores the photos.

5. Nixplay Original 15 inch WiFi Cloud Digital Photo Frame

This is a fantastic black digital picture frame which enables connecting from the frame to the internet easily. It is not just perfect for photos but also videos. It has special function when you play the video it gives wonderful movement picture on screen and high quality audio.  In addition, it can manage multiple frames from one Nixplay Cloud which is perfect for multiple frames for the whole family and anywhere in the world.


6. Pix-Star 10.4 Inch Wi-Fi Cloud Digital Photo Frame FotoConnect XD

This is a 4:3 ratio digital picture frame shows all your perfection images through its large high quality display screen that is 10.4 inch. To provide better and quick process, it allows you to send your photos via using network 3G or Wi-Fi on your mobile phone. Reversely, all those photos in your frame will be sent to individual or groups of email addresses directly from the frame.  More than just accessing the online photos, it receives daily updated weather forecasts for a selection of countries and cities.

7. NIX Advance- 15 inch Digital Photo & HD Video (720p) Frame with Motion Sensor & 8GB Memory

This is a 15 inch motion senor digital picture frame. It enables you to mix photos and videos together and show them off in the same slideshow. It offers clearer and greater quality of each picture along with the LED backlit display. Also, the 8GB memory is counted in this perfect frame so you can put plenty of images you want. When the memory is full don’t worry there is USB port which you can plug USB in and enjoy more pictures.

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