Top 7 Best Gaming Keyboards in 2017

In order to play PC games, gamers must have good keyboards. A good keyboard will make gamers feel secure and fast in combating crime in the game. Normally, there are a few key needed to be used such as W, A, S, D to move around, space, enter and such. A gaming keyboard mostly was highlighted on those particular keys to attracting the gamers’ attention. Multi LED lights will be changing when gamers are playing and it is pretty cool. For instance, gamers are always picky when they need to choose their own keyboard. Some keyboard might be good looking but not good to play or type. Therefore, gamers must be tough to decide since the keyboard is also kind of expensive. In order to choose best gaming keyboards wisely, read the text below.

1. Razer Ornata Expert Gaming Keyboard

This is a best-selling gaming keyboard which gets a huge order from customers. It is durable, lightweight and affordable for most users. It is easy to set up which you just spend a few minute to install. It was designed as a gaming comfort since gamers could have an ergonomic wrist rest. Gamers won't feel hand ache even they played for too long. This gaming keyboard was combined with the soft material yet high-quality rubber; that's why it is so durable and strong. The backlit keys are just amazing because the LED lighting will light up while you are in the battle. Gamers cannot hold on their game since the games and gaming keyboard already hook their attention.

2. Corsair Gaming K55 RGB Keyboard

Finding a good gaming keyboard is not really easy. Gamers need to consider the price, durability, performance, weight and so on. Gamers always wish to find a gaming keyboard with all these things. Now it is finally made and being sell online. Corsair Gaming Keyboard is the best-selling keyboard for these 4 reasons. First, it will enhance your performance of playing a game. Gamers will find the multi-key useful since they will ensure your key press while fighting with enemies. All the keys will be under your controls and it won't interrupt your games. Second, this gaming keyboard has responsive keys and they were built in silent and lighting mode. Gamers won't feel uneasy while pressing keys. Third, this gaming keyboard was made from soft rubbers which provide you a wrist rest and comfort. Last but not least, it is not so heavy; it was just 1.8 pounds and you could carry it around.

3. Redragon K552 KUMARA LED backlit gaming keyboard

This Redragon gaming keyboard is not just a normal keyboard yet it is designed for taking a beating. This is an eye-opening gaming keyboard because, after the first used, gamers would love this gaming keyboard to death. It is good if set up with the redragon mouse in order to give the highest quality and performance.  Moreover, this gaming keyboard was made from heavy duty metal which is durable and strong; it won't break even though you had a serious fight on the W, A, S and D key. There is an adjustable red light which is so cool when you use it a mouse. The LED lighting is so awesome.  The redragon keyboard is about 5-feet long with the gold-plated USB connector.

4. Picteck 104 Gaming Keyboard

This gaming keyboard, having 104 keys in black color, is so powerful. There are 9 light effect modes which under your control so that you can adjust according to your preference.  What gamers like about this gaming keyboard is the water and dust proof, which gamers still find their gaming keyboard workable even accidentally spill a glass of water.  Especially, the ergonomic design is something gamers cannot overlook. Gamers will find it useful since they can rest their wrist perfectly while in the battle. Be a real gamer, get a real gaming keyboard.

5. Razer DeathStalker Essential Gaming Keyboard

Playing PC games, gamers need to think fast and react faster. Therefore, having a good gaming keyboard and mouse is a must since gamers can shoot and beat faster than normal keyboard or mouse.  This Razer Company has taken this struggle into account and built a slim keyboard with 2mm keycaps.  Now, gamers who own this Razer DeathStalker keyboard could react faster and master in their favorite games. Gamers will spend less time to actuate each key and it is absolutely a solid keyboard.

6. Havit Rainbow Backlit Wired Gaming Keyboard

Buy this Havit Gaming Keyboard, gamers can save almost up to 50 percents. This is a heart-breaking gaming keyboard with the unique design. The LED lighting is just so fantastic; gamers can switch the mode of light (high, medium or low) or turn it off. It comes in white color which is so stunning once the light is on. This gaming keyboard also has interchangeable keycaps for W, A, S, and D- the most use keycaps for PC gaming. It comes with a high resolution of 4 colors breathing list of mouse and weight only 2 pounds. 

7. AULA 2016-S Rainbow LED Backlit Gaming Keyboard

This is a combo set which gamers will get gaming keyboard, mouse, and mousepad with a reasonable price.  The first impression after using this AULA brand is the design. There is a big palm rest- gamers won’t feel numb after battle and keycaps give a comfortable feeling. The second impression is the LED light. There is six colorful lighting mix with each other which produces an exciting and thrilling during the game. Last is about the price. It is a one-stop shop which you will get three amazing accessories with just one order. And the price is really affordable. 

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