Top 7 Best Gaming Mouses Reviews in 2017

Being a professional gamer needs to invest in gaming accessories such as gaming mouse, keyboard, monitor, headset and else. People might say it is not worth to spend money on yet gamers will know how benefits those accessories are. Without those accessories, gamers cannot master their games and they won’t become a real gamer. Having those gaming accessories in hands will ensure the excitement and thrilling during the battle. Now, we will introduce you the top 10 best gaming mouses which are recommended by the king of game, as the following:

1. Landhoo gaming mouse, 3200 DPI

Having a good gaming mouse also makes a gamer feel comfortable while playing the PC game. Gaming mouse, different from normal mouse since it has more buttons and different shapes, is built to fit gamer's hand naturally and comfortably. All the six buttons on this LED-lights mouse will accelerate the excitement while gamer is fighting with enemies in your PC games. This mouse has a good shape and design which is so amazing; especially, the lighting is freaking charming with the multi-colors on. No matter what type of games you play, having a good and fit gaming mouse is a must. Most users really love the ergonomic in their right hands and it should be a nice gift if you have a friend as gamers. This gaming mouse is really durable and has a standard right/left click, scroll, and buttons to push the power while beating your enemies.   

2. Redragon M601 gaming mouse

Gamers need a high-performance mouse because they cannot play on a mouse pad. You are not a real gamer if you are playing on the mouse pad or it is just a kid game. If you want to be a real gamer or you are interested in playing games, investing in gaming accessories is a must. For instance, using a real gaming mouse will deliver a high process and performances. With the 6 optimized buttons and 3200DPI sensor, you will find it fast and easy while playing a PC game. A good gaming mouse will be an important part to produce high-speed and smooth during beating or fighting. It is a best-selling product in PC gaming mouse. It comes in red which is modern and strong just like a dragon on fire.  

3. UtechSmart Venus 16400 DPI

Gamers would love this gaming mouse as much as it is one of a high-performance gaming mouses. It was built with 16400 DPI which is an advantage for gamers to best as fast as they want. Moreover, this gaming mouse is different from another mouse because of the 2-lines LED colors of the scroll wheel and other buttons for the international game level. Having this, gamers will find their game more interesting and thrilling while they have many tools right in their hand to fight. The weight and balance tuning are just so great; gamers won't find it heavy yet fit their hand firmly, which makes you feel even better while playing. What are you waiting for? It comes with 5 colors to choose.   

4. Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum RGB

A good gaming mouse must have many specs and benefit to gamers such as an optical sensor, a tracking system, customizable appearance and balancing shape. Gamers find it necessary to have a reasonable weighting mouse as it won't make gamers feel uncomfortable while playing for too long. Furthermore, the RGB lighting also contributes to the gaming process since the LED lighting will give the thrill-like feeling and amazing. This gaming mouse looks great by the appearance/ shape and amazing by the software inside. Gamers won't find any flaws of this gaming mouse since it was perfectly developed with a well-known brand.

5. Razer DeathAdder Chroma 10,000 DPI Sensor

Playing PC games need a high-speed mouse for fast moving or the hero will die in enemy's hand. That's why Razer produced a 10,000 DPI sensor gaming mouse to fit the gamers expectation and need.  The sensor is high enough for gamers to scroll for fast moving or speeds during their battle. And, it is easy to track the game with the sensor for the low-sense PC games. One more, it was designed perfectly to fit your hand and you will have the best gaming experience ever during the games. Can't imagine how beautiful the scroll wheel, button, and size are. This gaming mouse has a standard size which fit your palm firmly without hurting your hand. it is the fantastic mouse with good quality from Razer brand.

6. LBATS programmable gaming mouse

For a beginning gamer who wishes to involve in the gaming industry, you can try this gaming mouse first. This gaming mouse, having a good shape & USB wired, is really affordable. The material is the best part of this gaming mouse since it was made from high-quality aluminum, which is lightweight and fit your palm perfectly. After using this gaming mouse, beginning-gamers will have nice gaming experiences which can develop in the future. Gamers will find this gaming mouse convenient even if you are playing high-performance games such as LOL or Dota.  It was made with an optical sensor that should be nice to gift your son or daughter.

7. Logitech G602 Gaming wireless mouse

This is a wireless gaming mouse which has a long-life battery so you don't have to hold on your games. It is so comfortable and reliable to use so gamers will be mastered in their favorite games.  This wireless gaming mouse will warn you once the battery is running low. The speed of this gaming mouse is incredible because it is really fast and smooth which you can beat your enemies easily with fast movement.  Using this gaming mouse, gamers will be passionate about winning the battle.

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