Top 7 Best Gimbal Stabilizers for iPhone

As an amateur photographer, I can’t help but eager to test new toys related to photography. After seeing the stabilizer for iPhone released, I really want to use it damn much because I plan to do more vlogs for my Youtube channel. Having stabilizer in hand helps me a lot because I can make my selfie video more natural without needed to apply stabilizer effect in the Adobe premiere. I may not need a friend to hold a tripod whenever I go shooting. All I need is a stabilizer which I can simply attach with my smartphone. Below are the 7 best gimbal stabilizers for iPhone you may not have known.

1. KumbaCam 3 Axis gimbal stabilizer iPhone

This is the 3rd generation model of the KumbaCam Axis stabilizer that comes with new features. It is kind of expensive, I understand. But, the more expensive, the better it is. I trust this iPhone stabilizer and I would like to recommend it to all skillful photographers around the world. It was made from high-quality materials which won’t go broken easily even you drop from high place. There are basically three shooting modes such as pan, tilt and follow mode which you will find it essential doing your videos. 

2. OFFICIAL AIbird To play Axis Handheld Universal Steady Gimbal Stabilizer for iPhone

This AIbird iPhone stabilizer was made from Aluminum, that’s why it is so light-weight yet strong. You can hold this stabilizer to mount your smartphone and shoot every moment you want. Using this stabilizer, you will get a very satisfied result since your video will be so smooth, attractive and natural. You may know that hand-held video might be so shaky that can cause a terrible headache whereas video from using stabilizer is more stable. This is why smartphone stabilizer exists. Keep practicing everyday, you will become a pro. 

3. Newer 2-Axis Handheld Smartphone Stabilizer for iPhone

This smartphone stabilizer is really flexible. You can hold it to shoot high angle video or low angle depends on situation and mood of your video. You can pan, tilt or still your video by adjusting the operation mode. You will get a smooth music video or short film with just using a smartphone. It will help you to save more cost and fast to produce. The built-in Bluetooth works great to control your phone for video graphing and recording.

4. Zhiyun Z1-Smooth-C Gimbal Stabilizer for iPhone

This cool gadget will change the way your video looks, I promise. Even while you are doing exercise, chasing somebody; the video won’t go shaky as you think yet it will be more dynamic and enthusiastic. It is handy, of course, to carry around or put in your backpack without worrying about broken. I can say it is durable, in short. This new gadget needs only one hand control to change the mode whether to pan, tilt or lock. That’s it!

5. LanParte HHG-01 3-Axis Motorized Handheld Gimbal Active Stabilizer for iPhone

This one is not just a smartphone stabilizer but it also a GoPro stabilizer. You won’t find it hard to adjust the balance as there is a balancing control right on the joystick. I love the design; it looks cool and clever than any product. However, the ability to work great can't be judged by appearance. It also has a 3 Axis Active Stabilization (Tilt, Roll and Pan) which is a benefit for all photographers out there not to mention that it is affordable.  

6. EVO Gimbal SP 3 Axis Handheld Tripod for Smartphones up to 6.5-Inch

If you wish to make a music video or vlog with the limited budget, choose this smartphone stabilizer. It will help you a lot then you are expected. After having this, you won’t need many people involved in your project so that you can save more money. And if you think you alone cannot produce a high-quality video? You are wrong. Making a pro-quality, the cinematic video is just piece of cake after you using this smartphone stabilizer. All you need is just a creative idea. Trust me!

7. Move Smartphone Video Enhancement Kit with Stabilizer Handle

This model is freaking easy to set up and this kit has a good price and everything that you need to capture video and audio. No matter how low/high angle or fast movement you are, this smartphone stabilizer can deal with ‘em. It will also enhance your video to be fascinating and attractive. It comes with 1 Year Warranty and a set of a charger, USB charging cable, and batteries.

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