Top 7 Best Griddles Reviews

Referring to as the heart of the home, the kitchen is a place to prepare and cook food for the whole family. However, to make the kitchen alive; One must have kitchen applications store in their kitchen. Without those things, users won’t feel motivated to cook anymore. That’s why; we want to recommend high-quality griddle that must have in the kitchen;​and it will help a lot in the kitchen. The griddle is similar to a cooking pan, which consists of a broad flat that you can grill or fry anything. Every user claimed that they need a griddle for their daily cooking. You can use a griddle to fry rice, fish or even boil soup because it had drip tray surface and easy to clean. Below is List of top 7 best griddles reviews in 2017

1. Presto Electric Griddle

This electric griddle is the best-selling kitchen application because of a number of reasons. First, this griddle has a big size which is enough to cook food for 6 people; without needed to make the food twice.  Second, the detachable handle is easy to hold and open for a compact. Once we remove the handle, it looks neat in the cabinet. Third, this griddle was made from a premium material; for instance, the heavy case was made from aluminum which is wrap-proof.  Moreover, it is easy to clean even the texture on the surface is stick-free. Last but not least, it is easy to control the heat of the griddle that make user feel easier to maintain cooking temperature.

2. Lodge LPG13 Cast Iron Reversible Grill/Griddle

This griddle meets client's needs because it is always ready when they want to cook or grill food. Basically, there are 2 sides of the griddle so that users can use the smooth side for cooking eggs or grilled sandwiches and the ridged side for steak or sausages. There is a slope for oil-free so you don't feel fat when eating that food. It was made from premium iron which is won't stick on the surface so that you won't find your food struck on the griddle with the harmful fumes.  It is fast to clean by using hot water and nylon brush. Please remember that detergents and soap are prohibited for this griddle in order to keep it for more than a century.

3. Hamilton Beach grill/ griddle

This is not just a griddle that you have seen before. It is a 3 in 1 grill and griddle device which allows you to cook, grill or fry food, bread or meat.  It is good to use when there is a family gathering or friend reunion. It is large enough to cook food and fast to eat. It is best for indoor and outdoor activity since it used gas. You can simply control the heat and prepare your meal on time. I love how the griddle reduces the mess and oil from food which won't make me feel unhealthy when eating. Users will find this griddle useful because they can grill and eat at the same time to taste the fresh-cook food.  Moreover, users can remove the tray and clean it in the dishwasher or with the hot water to kill all the germs.

4. Presto Tilt and drain griddle cool-touch electric griddle

The size of the griddle is great which I can cook many things at the one time. Mostly, I use the griddle to make cake or snack during free time with my brother because it is easy to use and fast to clean. The heat easily control as it is an electricity one which and be tilted and drained with worried-free. The tilt and drain feature makes it easy to grill different type of food whether it is egg, meat or bread.  Most of the time, I make pan cake or sandwich to eat in the morning or during mid-night because it takes less time. I find the handles are really useful since I never burn my hand with the griddle and we can push back in and out. Have the electric griddle is like having a super chief at home.

5. Oster DuraCeramic Griddle With Warming Tray

What I love about this griddle is the design; there are 2 surfaces which mean to save time and energy. It is really innovative and unique with the good quality Dura Ceramic that won’t stick or peel. The ceramic will save you 20% so you can eat faster. The griddle is durable and safe to use. You can make fry pancakes, eggs or grill meat with worried-free. Every part of this griddle are removable and adjustable; for example, the handle, temperature control. The temperature control will keep your food well-cooked until you are ready to serve your whole family.

6. Presto Liddle Griddle

This griddle is built to meet the American Standards so it is really durable and strong, I bet. It was made from Aluminum that has wrap-proof and good at contributing heat. No matter, you are fry egg or bacon; it won’t make your food fresh and yummy as long as you know how to control the temperature. Using griddle to cook food, you won’t find your food are over-cooked anymore. And you don’t have to force yourself to eat unhealthy food. All of the modern people really love griddle because it helps clients a lot with cooking; not one not two but many.

7. BELLA 10.5 x 20 Inch Copper Titanium Coated Electric Non-Stick Griddle

For this griddle brand, it was made from ceramic copper titanium which is lightweight yet more durable and save more time and energy. Making from the material above, you won’t find your food stick on the surface if you have apply oil or butter. This griddle is Healthy-Eco since there is no chemical substances, which will effect your food. Furthermore, it is easy to clean; put it in the dishwasher or clean with soap will take you only a few minute. Heating probe and surface can be easily removable  and clean. This griddle is highly recommended for every household.

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