Top 7 Best Potholder Gloves 2017

You will need the best potholder gloves when it comes to baking or cooking in the oven. Potholder gloves are designed specifically for you cooks and chefs out there to cook without getting their hands burned. Potholder gloves are thick on the outside and soft on the inside which protect your hands from the heat. That makes it easy for you to take out anything from the oven with style and comfort. No burn will come to your hands as long as you wear potholder gloves before getting your hand in the oven. Here is the review of top 7 Best potholder gloves that you can choose.

1. DII Potholder and Oven Mitt

What you will in this set is the elegant and functional potholder and an oven mitten. The potholder and the oven mitt has quality assurance as both sides are quilted together to offer durability and grip. They are heat resistant which protect your hands while handling hot pots, pans, dishes, casserole dishes, and more. They are also easy to wash with cold water in gentle cycle then tumble dry low. There are many colors of the damask print that you can choose to match your kitchen style.

2. HOMWE Silicone Oven Mitts

Men have big hands, but these mitts can fit their hands perfectly so that they can help in the kitchen as well. These mitts come with long and wide opening design which is easy to put on and take off. They are 100% FDA approved and they are made from BPA free silicone which is safe for you to use. The silicone is non-slip and waterproof which creates good grip and easy to clean with a damp cloth. These mitts have heat resistant up to 450 degree Fahrenheit which you can cook and bake with ease. They are machine washable and there are 5 colors available for you.

3. Life Quintessentials Silione Over Mitts

Having a flexible heat resistant mitts while cooking is the big help to make cooking easier and more comfortable. This is a pair of soft and movable silicone mittens that is made of 100% FDA silicone. The mitts are safe to use since they are heat resistant and waterproof which you can use in any circumstances. Inside, there is the design of comfortable quilted inner liner that provides the softness and comfort toy your hand. They are durable and stylish which make the perfect choice.

4. Verde River Products Cooking Gloves

Besides moving dishes, pots, and pans in this kitchen, these gloves can do more than you expected. This is a pair of heat proof protection mitten that can stand the heat up to 425 degrees. These mittens are 100% watertight and steam proof which you can use in many other ways. If you have party, you can use them to grab lobsters, corn, canning jars, and veggies from boiling water easily. You can also use the mittens to move pyrex dishes in your microwave, V racks, and pizza stones. They are dishwasher safe, odorless, and durable which is so great to have.

5. Elbee Silicone Oven Mitts

With special construction, these oven mitts feature ultra-flex with a very soft quilted cotton inside. Since they are so soft, the mittens are breathable which allow you to wear comfortably without sweating. They are heat resistant up to 450 degree Fahrenheit which you can use in many cooking purposes. The mittens have textured design on the surface that enables you to have better grip without slipping. They are waterproof which is easy to clean and use in any cooking methods.

6. DII Terry Oven Mitts

These are the potholder mitten that come with the construction of quality assurance and long lasting material.  The 100% terry cotton and quilting allows for easy flexibility along with durability and firm grip. They have the heat resistant design that makes it easy for you to handle pots, pan, and more without burning. Each of the mitten has hanging loop which enables easy storage as you can hang them easily. There are many colors that you can choose from to match your style and kitchen.

7. L.A. Sweet Home Potholder Gloves

This is a simple pair of high quality potholder gloves that you might want to have in the kitchen. They feature advanced heat resistance that can resist to heat up to 480 degree Fahrenheit. These silicone mittens offer premium safety while setting up campfires, moving wood into a fireplace, and more. The gloves has waffle pattern that specifically designed to improve your gripping power while carrying kitchenware. They are stylish and high quality which makes the perfect choice.

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