Useful Tips: How to Makeup in Just 5 minutes

Ladies cannot go out of home without having makeup. Having makeup would make ladies feel confidence and secure about their behavior and knowledge. Having good outlook is not everything but it is a plus if you have it. That’s why ladies love to have makeup in order to make themselves beautiful and attractive. Mostly beautiful ladies got promoted yet I don’t claimed that not-so-beautiful ladies cannot be promoted. If you are really talented, you will get your position. Beauty is not everything; it is just outside thing. However, if you are curious to know how to makeup in 5 minutes, read the text below.

1. Applying Foundation



Foundation make the face looks smooth and whitening; you should use makeup brush to make the foundation goes deep inside the face. Foundation is rich of vitamin that benefits for face-skin which make your skin healthy and fragrances. It also contained SPF 17 which protect your skin from UV and make your skin flawless.

2. Using Makeup Powder



Using your fingers to pat around your face; especially, under your eyes to hide the dark circles. Don’t forget to pat around the cheek bone to make V-shaped face. Powder will play an important role to hide all the flaw and wrinkles that may happened around the eyes. However, using makeup powder will make your face whiter than it used to be; thus, apply this powder around your neck also.

3. Highlighting Your Cheek



It comes the time to change the outlook according to your mood. If you want to make yourself look so sexy, highlight your cheek darker until reaching your ear. If you want to be soft and sweet, apply light pink highlight powder on your cheek bone. You can also apply any color that you like or it should be fitted with your clothes.

4. Drawing Eyeliner



I normally use dry eyeliner because it is easy to use and fast-dry unlike the wet eyeliner. When I used wet eyeliner, i have to wait until it dry in order to close or open my eyes. By the way, using eyeliner would make your eyes way bigger and attractive. Men will fall for you in just a blink. Some ladies would prefer to have waterproof eyeliner yet it would difficult to remove.

5. Line Your Eyebrows



Comb your eyebrows neatly and you can choose between black or brown. You can also paint your eyebrows in the color that fits your dye-hair to be more awesome. Some ladies do not have thick eyebrow so that they need to draw their eyebrows shape in order to fit their face. By using this Wunderbrow, ladies will have nice and thick eyebrows.

6. Making Your Lips Sweet



The last tip is to make your lip sweet and soft. I would recommended to use red lipstick because it is not only sexy but also make your teeth look whitening. Having red lipstick is a trading color that would fit with any makeup. However, you can apply any color that you like or it will fit to your skin tone. Soft and sweet ladies would prefer pink lipstick while stubborn bitches would love dark colors such as purple, dark red or black.

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