What to Prepare for Trekking?

Adventurers love doing weird things or trying dangerous activities that normal people are scared to do. However, life is too short to be in a comfort zone where you are not dare to try new things. You know people who were in the last minutes of their lives never regret about things they have done yet they regret about things you never do. That was a last time they realized the meaning of lives and they felt like they wasted too much time of their lives. Bring out your note book and note down your plan and complete it before you died. At least, you should go dancing when your hips are still moving, trekking and hiking while your legs are still strong and exploring while your brain is still functionally well. Check out all of these equipments before starting your adventure because they are really useful.

1. Hewolf Outdoor Waterproof 4 Seasons 1 Man Tent for Trekking Riding Hiking Camping Travel Khaki

Having a tent with you whenever you go for a trip is really useful. Staying at guesthouse or hotel would cause you much money and you are not exploring a meaning of life. Set the tent by your own, make a fire bounce in order to prevent yourself from mosquitoes would be the best experience ever. You can even stay late a night to enjoy the view and counting millions of stars. However, sleeping in a tent may not easy because you have no air conditioning, thick mattress and blanket which you will feel not easy to sleep. Yet you have to experience it once in lifetime.

2. G4Free Military Tactical Molle Backpack Sport Outdoor versatile Rucksacks Camping Hiking Traveling Bag

Backpack is a like a small home that we can keep everything that we need in. It is where we can find our clothes, food, accessories or keep our stuffs safe and sound. Having backpack won’t cost much yet it will help backpacker a lot whenever you go hiking or camping. Just grab your back and you’ve got everything; backpack is just like our life. Moreover, this backpack has many pockets and it is made from high-quality fabric so that you can put many things inside peacefully.

3. Esbit CS985HA 5-Piece Lightweight Trekking Cook Set with Brass Alcohol Burner Stove and 2 Anodized Aluminum Pots

Since you go trekking and sleep on the mountain; it is hard to find a restaurant, isn't it? Therefore, you should bring a cooking set so that you can cook some easy foods in order to avoid rumbling. Having instance noodle with you while going trekking should be a good choice even though it is not really good for health. However, you can boil water and have hot water to warm down the cold weather on the mountain. It is kind of useful. Perhaps, you will find natural food on the mountain and you’ve got all the stuff to cook it.

4. Hiking Socks by Thirty48, HK Series - Thermal Performance Crew Socks

It must be so cold at night on the mountain while you go hiking. Having nice socks would help you lot because you won’t sleep with cold atmosphere at all. For me, I cannot have a full sleep with bare feet or i will catch a cold later. Having good pair of socks will also protect your legs from swelling after insects biting such as snake, bee. I always bring my socks with me and I am sure it will help you a lot either.

5. Sendero Outdoors Collapsible Hiking Poles

Hiking is not that easy, you ought to have a good physical and be patient. Not all the mountains are easy to climb; some don’t have any proper path for you to walk. You need to walk on the rock, clime the tree, cross a river and those will be your nice adventure. At the same time, you should bring hiking pole which will help you when you are climbing clingy mountain. it will be your essential tool to protect you from any dangerous animals as well. Having pole will help you walk faster and don't feel tired at all. Holding pole make you feel safe on what are you stepping on.





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